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Best Camera 2021: What Camera Should I Buy for 2021?

It’s a fantastic question. With the market flooded with options, choosing the right camera can be bewildering for novice bloggers, vloggers, photographers, and videographers alike. Here’s a roundup of three small cameras that are perfect for bloggers, vloggers, influencers, travelers, or anyone seeking compact yet powerful cameras.

Why Do You Need a Camera?

For the longest time, I relied solely on my iPhone for photography. It was convenient since I always had my phone with me, and the cameras on the latest models were exceptional, boosting my creativity. Capturing great shots and immediately posting them with minimal effort became my norm. But then, my desires grew.

I noticed images taken from fresh perspectives, utilizing optical zoom, and I desired the pronounced separation achieved by fast lenses. My hunger for more in-camera control and higher resolution images to match my advancing editing skills grew. Last Fall, I hit a breaking point and made the switch to a standalone camera.

My ideal camera had to be portable, stylish, and at the forefront of technology. My search gravitated toward APS-C cameras, which, despite featuring smaller sensors than full-frame cameras, produce remarkable photos and are lighter and more affordable. They would suffice for the vast majority of users out there.

What’s the Best All-Round Camera?

In the end, my choice was the Leica CL (more details below), yet there’s an array of outstanding options. Here are three of my top picks; each comes with its own pros and cons, catering to different preferences.

This post explores and reviews the best cameras for bloggers in 2020.
The Leica CL is one of my favorite cameras for blog photography and videography.

Leica CL: A Camera that Blends Style and Excellence

My fascination with the Leica CL began the instant I held it. Its solid German construction epitomizes minimalism. Despite minimal markings, the external controls are intuitive with a little practice. The internal menus are straightforward to navigate and grasp. The standout feature is the remarkably vivid viewfinder, so exceptional that you’ll forget it’s digital.

The second thing that attracted me to this camera is its range of lenses. As a first lense I recommend the native Leica Summicron-T 23mm for street style and instagram friendly photography. If you want more control purchase the M adapter and you have access to a wide range of light weight M lenses with external manual controls that this camera works especially well with. My favorite and a great value is the Voigtlander 35mm f1.4.  This Camera also works well with L mount lenses, and a bunch of these are just coming out because of a new partnership between Panasonic, Leica, and Sigma.

A hidden gem of this camera is the Leica Fotos APP. This app easily connects the camera to your smartphone or tablet, facilitating image transfers or enabling your phone as a remote control. Transferring high-quality images straight to my phone for Instagram has been a game-changer. Also, the image quality is exceptional, and the sensor imparts an exclusive color palette unique to Leica.

The primary drawback is the price; the Leica CL is notably more expensive than the other options (though used ones offer good deals). I’ve also found its low-light functionality and auto-exposure settings to be somewhat lacking.

Overall, this camera has proven perfect for me—a stylish accessory delivering potent performance in a compact package.

Searching for a New Camera? Check Out My Go-To Cameras and Lenses.

  • Leica CL:
    • Mirrorless Black Camera Body
This Camera Review explores the top cameras for blogging in 2020.
Looking for a new camera? Here are some of my go to cameras and lens’.

Leica CL

Mirrorless Black Camera Body

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What’s the Best Priced Camera?

Fujifilm X-Pro 2: A Compelling Blend of Retro and Modern

Fujifilm X-Pro 2 Mirrorless Digital Camera, Black (Body Only) • $1,300

Fuji X-Pro2

At half the price of the Leica, this Fuji X-Pro 2 maintains the retro compact feel. A distinctive feature is the main LCD screen, which can be concealed to mimic a film camera. Instead, a small screen takes its place, emulating the window on analog cameras that displays the film type loaded. Don’t fret; with its excellent electronic viewfinder, you won’t miss the larger LCD.

Despite its vintage appeal, the camera boasts cutting-edge technology. The X-Pro 2 features a new X-Trans 4 APS-C sensor with 26 megapixels resolution and a phase-detect autofocus system spanning the entire frame. Moreover, this camera supports 4K video recording. To add another touch of nostalgia, there’s a film emulation mode.

The major drawback is an unintuitive menu system. Additionally, the selection of available lenses isn’t as extensive. I’d recommend this camera to the hipsters among us.

Fujifilm X-Pro 2 Mirrorless Digital Camera

Mirrorless Black Camera Body

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What’s the Best Camera for Vloggers in 2021?

Sony Alpha 6600

Sony Alpha 6600: A Versatile Choice for Vloggers

Sony’s Alpha 6600 is a compact mirrorless interchangeable lens camera suitable for everyone, from soccer moms to professional documentarians. The camera employs a processor akin to Sony’s sports-oriented flagship, Alpha 9, featuring ‘Real-Time Tracking’ autofocus—a top-tier autofocus system ideal for video. Once you grasp the complex menus, the camera is straightforward to use.

This camera excels in food, fashion, and lifestyle photography, making it a joy for vloggers. Its reversible LCD simplifies capturing self-shots, and the 5-axis stabilization is excellent for on-the-go video. The camera supports 4K video in various formats. Sony’s Alpha series sets the bar for digital video quality, making this a great secondary camera for advanced shoots.

My main gripe is the camera’s form. The controls feel cramped and awkward to manage, and it doesn’t sit right in my hands. This is regrettable, given the multitude of lenses and accessories available for this system. However, the impressive battery life is a redeeming factor. Many bloggers opt for this route, though it’s not my personal preference.

Sony Alpha 6600:

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Food photography is fun with a great camera like the Leica CL.
Food, Fashion and Lifestyle photography is made fun with this camera.

What Camera Should Vloggers buy?

This a great camera for vloggers. The reversible LCD makes it easy to see yourself while you shoot. The 5 axis stabilization is great for run and gun video. It shoots in 4k in a variety of different formats. Also, the Sony Alpha series has become the gold standard for digital video, so this easily falls in a second camera during a more advanced shoot.

My biggest complaint is that I just don’t like the form of this camera. The controls are cramped and hard to manage and it just doesn’t fit right in my hands. This is a shame because I love the endless amount of lenses and accessories available for this system. Also the super longer battery life is great. A lot of bloggers go this route, but it’s just not for me.

Sony Alpha 6600

Shop the bundle and accessories

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In Conclusion: Best Camera 2021

We can discuss cameras endlessly, but remember, the equipment is secondary to the person wielding it. Amidst the plethora of options during my quest for the best camera in 2021, I faced numerous choices. Mastery of photography takes practice, so carry your camera everywhere. Therefore, finding a camera that resonates with you practically and emotionally is vital. It becomes your constant companion. For this reason, I adore my Leica CL.

Now that you’re capturing shots, it’s time to learn how to edit. Adobe’s Lightroom CC is an excellent starting point, offering a robust file management system and essential editing tools. Lightroom’s mobile app ensures there’s no excuse to not enhance all your photos. This is the secret sauce for Instagram-ready pictures. If you’re working from home, master valuable tips for maintaining productivity and sanity.

Lastly, seek inspiration continually. Visit photography museums and follow Instagram accounts that ignite your creativity. Analyze what makes these images special and endeavor to incorporate these elements into your work. A finely tuned eye is your most valuable tool.

  • Leica CL:
    • Mirrorless Black Camera Body

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