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June 10, 2019

15 Gorgeous Small Living Room Home Decor Tips 

Home Decor

Please note, some of these links are affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I may earn a small commission. This helps me support the blog and allows me to create more awesome free content! I only recommend products that I know and love. Thank you for the support! 

Small Living Room Home Decor doesn’t take a genius to master. With these tips and tricks you will have the living room of your dreams. Follow along for some quick tips to spruce up your space.

Table of Contents

1 . Give it Up + Donate Unwanted Items

Start with that you have. I want you to take a look at your existing furniture and decor. When first sprucing up your place get rid of furniture that’s damaged, bulky, too small, or doesn’t bring fulfillment. Get rid of any pieces by donating (everything can have a second home to who needs it!)

2 . Choose a color Palette(or Statement Wall)

Color Palette Living Room

Color can really change up a place. Especially when the space is small a defining color can set the tone for a room and ambience! Start a Pinterest board of colors that you gravitate to! I love the following palettes of neutrals. Choose colors that you will love seeing daily. Neutrals , blush pinks, and easy tones are great when you have interesting furniture to highlight.

3 . Find Your Home Decor Style

stylish living room

My Pinterest Living Room Home Decor Boards serve as a large inspiration for me. I have gathered content for myself and my large (mostly) female following on my Home Decor Boards. Take a peek (and follow!) for some a sneak peek of the content I am curating there! I clearly love feminine neutral color schemes, mid century modern furniture and brightly lit spaces! Finding pieces of inspiration and products from these boards always get me an inch closer to my #homedecorgoals.


4. Add a Statement Wall or Wall paper with subtle Patterns

subtle wall papersubtle wall paper

I am currently obsessing over Tin Interiors and Patterned Wallpaper. I love following @anewwalldecor on Instagram for the cutest ways to add wallpaper to a living room (and all other rooms!) Seriously, go get lost on their feed. Tons of online retailers have taken to this trend. For those who are forever-phobic there are also peel off wall paper options so that you can change them out annually!



5. Fill in the corners of the Living Room

books in a cornerdried flowers

Book stacks, small treasures, and vases with sticks or Ornamental Dried Wild Grass Filling in the corners of the living room can create personal touches that are endless.

Best Table Decor items on Amazon:

  1. Dried Pampas Grass for Home Decor – (24in) Tall $49 
  2. Natural Home Decor Ostrich Feather$20

Stylish Vases from Amazon

  1. White Ceramic Modern Vase – 9in height – $19
  2. WGV Clear Cylinder Glass Vase, 4 by 18-Inch$19
  3. Set of 5 Petite Glass Bud Vases in Clear or Jewel Tones– Fun Shapes, 2 3/4″-3 3/4″ H – Clear -$19
  4. roro Modern Seashell Etched Striated White Vase$42

6. Don’t Neglect Surfaces + Coffee Table

styled living room table

 styled living room table

Coffee tables and surfaces are for all of the things that fell out of our pockets, right? Nope!

Living Room Home Decor mavens swoon over perfectly curated table tops and end tables. I suggest coffee table books that you want to look over time and time again as they are large books and typically include a lot of pretty photography and type along the sides! Keep things chic by adding a silver or gold trays to layer some items like candles, small nick nacks or mirrors on top of. If we’re talking about end tables you can add cute lanterns to fill with small items or bookends to keep books upright and neat!

Coffee Table Books, Trays + Accessories from Amazon

  1. Ornate Tray Metal Decorative Tray$30
  2. Vanity Fair 100 Years: From the Jazz Age to Our Age -$34
  3. The Life and Love of the Sea-$28

7. Indoor Plants for your Living Room

cactus living room indoor plantsindoor plants

Still wondering what types of plants are great for indoors? I love plants that take up a room vertically. This means the tall and skinny Cactus is a great choice or a tall potted tree like a fiddle leaf fig!

Another great way to add touches of plants are by hanging them in cute decorative macrame nets from the ceiling. That way, when they grow downward you get added length! You will need ample light for these indoor plants to grow and don’t forget to turn them occasionally as some sides of the plant may not get all of the light it needs!


8. Living Room Macrame Wall Hanging

macrame wall hanging macrame wall hanging

Speaking of Macrame (Yes, I just learned this word!). For those who don’t have the time to paint or add a statement wall, I would suggest a wall hanging that takes up the space of a statement wall without any of the hassle. These woven wall hangings add the perfect Boho touch to any living room. I really like the off white against a white wall to add some texture or if you do add some paint to the walls, these weavings can really pop!


9. Pillows

Decorative Pillows, Throw Blankets, Floor Poufs + Floor Pillows

floor pillows poufs decorative pillows living room home decorfloor pillows poufs decorative pillows living room home decor floor pillows poufs decorative pillows living room home decor

Whether you have children or are the a comfortable floor-lounging type a good pillow (or three) can never steer you wrong. I love how far we have come in comfort and style. These poufs, floor pillows, extra seating and extra comfortable dressings for the living room are a game changer!

  1. Knit Floor Pillow – Urban Outfitters$49

  2. Ama Recycled Leather Floor Cushion – Urban Outfitters –$199-379

  3. Sherpa Floor Pillow -Urban Outfitters – $49

10. Living Room Gallery Walls

  1. gallery walls living room home decor inspiration

  2. gallery walls living room home decor inspiration gallery walls living room home decor inspiration
  3. Use of vertical space is key in a small space or living room. Throw some pictures, photographs, items, relics, shelves or literally anything else up on the walls! Position them in a staggered position or neatly in a uniform fashion to create a gallery wall. If you have some time, read my post about the Ultimate Guide to Gallery Walls for more inspiration.
  4. 11. Living Room Light Fixture Ideas
  5. chandelier lighting fixture living room home decorchandelier lighting fixture living room home decor
  6. When the standard lighting fixture just isn’t cutting it. Whether you have low ceilings, high ceilings or just looking for a decorative sconce. Lighting is an essential way to dress up the living room with a beautifully designed piece! Try searching for floor lamps, sconces, chandeliers, and other light fixtures that suite your taste.
  7. 12. Feminine Mirrors for the Living Room
  8. large mirror living room home decor large mirror living room home decor
  9. Try a mirror to open up the space. They make the rooms appear larger and serve as great decor for empty walls. Try hanging one on the wall or use a large leaning full length mirror to take up less floor space and maximize height.

  10. how to make gallery walls

What Goes Around Comes Around

Please note, some of these links are affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I may earn a small commission. This helps me support the blog and allows me to create more awesome free content! I only recommend products that I know and love.
Thank you for the support! 



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