October 12, 2018

Luxury Wellness Escape at Andaz Tokyo

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A few weeks ago, I travelled many hours from NYC to Asia where I had the most amazing 8 days in Tokyo, Japan. The mix of siteseeing and travel had me yearning for some relaxation and spa time.

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Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills is definitely my recommended getaway for spa-bound vacations. The Hindi name itself means “personal style”. It elegantly offers the cultural experience of Japan coupled with its inspiring and indigenous environment where guests can relax and find their own space. It is the perfect place for maximizing photo content with its architectural touches of Japanese and global art. You must never leave Tokyo without dropping by at Andaz!

Andaz Tokyo offers elegance, optimal relaxation and access to Tokyo’s key locations and landmarks including the Ginza shopping district and Tokyo Station. From the hotel, you can explore by foot some of Japan’s historic landmarks such as the legendary Atago Shrine, Zojoji Temple, Hamarikyu Gardens and the Eiffel Tower-inspired lattice Tokyo Tower. Being in the hotel bridges you between the past and the future of Asia.

Here are the amenities that you enjoy at Andaz Tokyo.


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AO Spa & Club, with its 65-foot swimming pool, a unique carbonated bath and a floating bath is open to all guests. They offer a variety of spa facial and personal treatments and activities suitable for individuals and couples in accordance to their personal style. You can enjoy three different skincare lines: Biologique Recherche, Elemental Herbology and KOTOSHINA, with selected treatments offered exclusively at AO Spa & Club.

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I had the spa’s signature Jiyujizai 1.5 hours package with a 30-minute body scrub and a 60-minute massage. I enjoyed the purest Japanese ingredients and had the best apothecary experience with their advanced elements and techniques.

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Other treatments and activities include Spa Journeys, Natural Facial, Advanced Facial, Body Treatment and Personal Workout.

Check out more about the spa treatments here.

Restaurants and Bars

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Andaz Tokyo has five restaurants and bars, the signature The Tavern – Grill & Lounge which serves quality domestic Snow Aged meats and modern inspired dishes, BeBu (short for Beer and Burger) which specializes in burgers and draft beer, Pastry Shop which features fine patisserie and fine savories, the SUSHI serving the finest omakase course and the
52 nd floor Rooftop Bar. With a semi-open air terrace overlooking the Tokyo skyline, the
Rooftop Bar has the most elegant and perfect setting for cocktails made with the best local

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Andaz Tokyo has seven studios for private party venues, two among which have show kitchens with experienced chefs.

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Andaz Tokyo is one of the finest venues for ‘personal style’ weddings, with its stand-alone chapel overlooking Tokyo, Rooftop Studio overlooking an open-air terrace  and Tokyo Studio allowing double-sided views of the city.

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Guest Rooms

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With a total of 164 guest rooms including 8 suites emphasizing Japanese culture, beauty and purity through natural materials, you can’t help but appreciate the sophistication of Andaz Tokyo’s interiors. Each room has a bathroom featuring Japanese bath culture through its deep soaking tubs.

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Thinking of visiting Japan? Get the most inspiring and most elegant experience at Andaz Tokyo. In addition to every breathtaking experience I have mentioned above, you get complimentary non-alcoholic drinks, wireless internet and local telephone calls.

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