Perfect Long Weekend Barcelona, Spain [TRAVEL GUIDE]

Accidentally In Barcelona Sometimes, you can really make the best of a bad situation. On a recent return journey from Europe I missed my connection in Barcelona and ended up stranded for a couple days. At first I felt like pouting, but then I realized this was really a blessing in disguise. [EDIT: Please, at […]

5 Things to do in West London | Chelsea + Kensington

kensington london south kensington kensington gardens things to do near harrods

Places to visit in West London London can be many thing to many different travelers. A key port of call for people on their first Euro trip. For some, it’s a fashion and business hub for the global elite. It’s a hipster paradise on the cutting edge. For me, the British capitol is a mix […]

12+ Luxury Wellness Retreats | Spa Tourism Destination Ideas

Where are the Best Spas in the World? The benefits of spas have been known for centuries. Since ancient Romans went to the baths to relax, spas have been a way to unwind. Beyond relaxation, luxury wellness retreats and spas are a great place to work on your cardiovascular and mental health. They’re perfect for […]

7+ Cape Town Travel Ideas | South Africa Travel Itinerary [GUIDE]

cape town south africa

It may be winter in New York, but in Cape Town South Africa there’s endless summer. Whether you’re visiting for the first time, or you’re an Africa pro, there’s always something exciting to do in Cape Province. Friendly people, a Mediterranean climate, and a luxurious food scene are all great reason to go right now. […]

Ski Resort for Beginners | Mont Tremblant Canada [GUIDE]

Mont Tremblant Travel First Time Ski

If you’re seeking a ski resort for beginners on the east coast or just brainstorming family vacation ideas this is the guide for you. This is the premiere yet still affordable east coast ski vacation!     I recently had the pleasure to visit Mont Tremblant in Canada for my first time skiing! This affordable […]

21 + Ski Outfit Ideas | What to Pack for a Ski Trip | Warm Layers

Ski trip outfit idea

What to wear while Skiing As a first time skier, my boyfriend Andy did the bulk of sifting through ski outfit ideas to find the perfect layers I needed to be warm in the mountains of Mont Tremblant. He has been a lifelong skier, worked at ski resorts and taught instructions. I personally had no […]

Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills | Luxury Wellness [Hotel Review]

Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills Hotel Review A few weeks ago, I travelled many hours from NYC to Asia where I had the most amazing 8 days in Tokyo, Japan. The mix of site seeing and travel had me yearning for some relaxation and spa time. Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills is definitely my recommended getaway for […]

How to Plan the Best Staycation

Who said you have to go out of town to take a vacation? Staying home can be just as relaxing and five hundred times cheaper, and you don’t have to squish yourself sardine-style into an airplane. You save so much money not leaving town that you can really splurge on some hometown favorites, all while […]

5 Bag Saving Tips for Packing your Carry-On

I don’t know about you, but I think there’s something kind of insulting about being charged $25 dollars to check a bag on a flight I paid $400 for. If you’re one of the many people who are also annoyed to have to pay for the privilege of having your bag ransacked by TSA and […]