7+ Things you need to hear in Difficult Times | Coronavirus

7+ Things you need to hear in Difficult Times | Coronavirus

What do we do with this Coronavirus?

Woah.  Things just got real.

In difficult times, following the news on a daily basis can be depressing. Amid this Coronavirus outbreak, it has definitely been a whirlwind. From live coverage from different countries, death tolls, rates of infection and spread. It’s arduous to keep up with what’s locked down, blocked off and being cleared out (ahem, toilet paper).

My personal story is a weird one. On February 27th I embarked on what we suspected to be an incredible 16 day journey to Europe and the Middle East.

Boy were we wrong.

After months of planning this trip, we were sadly needing to forfeit the entire trip 4 days in amid fears of being locked in Isreal as the first cases there began to emerge. Our luxury eyewear trade show we were set to attend in Milan, Italy had been cancelled. Only now, weeks later, are we understanding what type of crisis was still to unfold in the North of Italy.

I’m absolutely crushed for the people globally who are infected, ill and experiencing loss.

Needless to say, what happened to me was a drop in the bucket by comparison to what Asia, Europe and the rest of world is experiencing (and yet has to experience).

Us stateside in the U.S. are beginning to feel the effects on our everyday lives with travel bans, stores closing and being asked to practice social distancing and hygiene.

Moving away from pointing fingers, creating more chaos or spreading misinformation. I can only hope to share a positive message with you guys in difficult times.


7+ Things People Need to hear in Difficult Times


in difficult times, coronavirus, fears, anxiety


1.) We can do this. 

Let’s rally. We can do this. When we join together we can unite forces to get through pain, fear, judgement and grief. Whatever you’re feeling right now, from anxiety to sadness to anger just know that there are people who can help you through it. Government officials, scientists, doctors, mothers and fathers are working day and night to combat this nightmare. Celebrate those that have sacrificed for others. As humans we need to be able to rely on each other in difficult times, and if you haven’t heard this enough lately, then please, take this little paragraph on this lifestyle blog as a means to say we will make it through this.

2.) Let’s ban together. 

Axe the bickering. It’s important to focus on our impact as individuals and what we can do collectively to stay safe and help save lives. Find the heart to unite with neighbors and countrymen as this is a global pandemic affecting all and is not a chance to point fingers. Let’s remember, we are all doing this for the first time. Mistakes will be made. It’s how we move forward that will help us through this trying time.


in difficult times, coronavirus, fears, anxiety


3.) We are human. 

Though it may not seem like it, we are all here together to get through this. We are all humans. A virus doesn’t respect boarders and sadly, affects humans outside of their nationality. We are human and we are the same.

4.) Spread kindness. 

Help a neighbor. Help a friend. Call your grandmother. However, you interpret this statement it remains the same. In times of difficulty it’s important to reach out to those that are lonely or in need of help. For those spending more time indoors with family try to spread love and joy instead of increasing tensions. The world is in need of a little kindness as of late.


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5.) It’s not your fault. 

Whatever happens we cannot blame ourselves. Living in a state of panic and blame is fruitless. Pointing fingers or blaming ourselves won’t be helpful.

6.) Have empathy for those in need. 

This Coronavirus will be a great test for our generation. Being in the very beginning (or middle?) for us we will only know at the end the type of havoc and destruction something so deadly as a global pandemic has caused. Having empathy for others will be key to aid relief efforts and help people struggling with great loss.


in difficult times, coronavirus, fears, anxiety


7.) We will rebuild. 

Our true strength and grit is put to the test. In an attempt to find shelter from the storm, I believe we will come back from this greater and stronger. Look to the brighter days ahead once this mess has gone. I am only hoping for the best for my country, my readers and the rest of the world. Together, we will rebuild.


My heart goes out to the very many globally who will suffer the effects of this deadly virus. From loss of life, economic hardship, illness, suffering and everything in between I can only offer my greatest condolences. Stay safe. I love you.


If you’re in need of someone to speak to please reach out to these fantastic services that operate 24/7 to help people experiencing anxiety and sadness in difficult times.


Crisis Text Line:

UK: Text HOME to 85258 to connect with a Crisis Counselor. 

USA: Text HOME to 741741 to connect with a Crisis Counselor. 

Canada: Text HOME to 686868 to connect with a Crisis Counselor. 


Suicide Prevention Lifeline:

24/7 Emotional Support , crisis services + hotlines.


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