Discreet Female Vibrators empowering Women

Discreet Female Vibrators Smile Makers


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Source : Smile Makers

Where are the discreet female vibrators that are changing the game?

I recently had the chance to interview Jacqueline Husin of Smile Makers based in Singapore who explains how they are on a mission to change the conversation for Women’s Sexuality through their brand of discreet vibrators.

I’m blown away by how they are paving the way of women’s sexuality and empowering women to take charge of their sex lives minus all of the seedy products or questionable resources you can end up on the web. With Science-backed research paired with discreet smooth silicone products that are exclusively sold at retailers like Goop, Saks Fifth Ave and never in sex shops, it’s no wonder they’re such a hit with women world wide.

If you’re looking to take charge of your sex life with their products, gift someone a statement, or empower women through charitable giving and sex education . Read on about what sets Smile Makers apart below.


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Women’s Sexual Wellness Brands


VC: What basics do I need to know about women’s sexual wellness and female vibrators? Do you have more information for someone just getting started?

JH: Here are some additional guides and resources provided by Smile Makers


smile makers vibe, smile makers, smile makers reviews, vibrators for women, discreet vibrators, female vibrator
Source : Smile Makers / Photography : Arden Hale


VC: What is Smile Makers?

JH: Our mission is to normalize the perception of female sexuality.

Our founders first got the idea by walking into a sex shop back in 2002, and saw that the environment was very seedy full of unapproachable products and nothing was very appealing to women. By studying the market, they saw that there are more women in the UK that had a vibrator than a dishwasher at home.

Two simple facts became evident; first, demand for sexual wellbeing products is universal and second, the shopping environment, product design and quality were alarmingly unappealing the world over.

No brand was speaking respectfully to women.

Seeing a need, we decided to create discreet female vibrators  and sex products that are very premium, accessible and affordable.

We have 1 criteria for everything related to the brand:
we have to feel comfortable showing our mothers.


VC: How is Smile Makers Different from other Women’s Wellness Brands?

JH: We kind of disrupt the traditional Sex industry by selling in mainstream retailers, online at Goop, Revolve and Urban Outfitters and not in the kind of typical sex shop.

We’ve been featured and leading media outlets around the world.

And we’re proud to also get these responses to get DM’s almost daily from people talking about how much they love our brand and our discreet female vibrators. They and their partners appreciate us. We are very thankful that people can immediately message us and tell us about their experience.


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VC: Where can I shop for Smile Makers Vibrators?

VC: How much do Vibrators cost?

JH: Our products range from $34-55 at select retailers.

smile makers vibe, smile makers, smile makers reviews, vibrators for women, discreet vibrators, female vibrator

How can I join the conversation about Women’s Wellness?

VC: What materials are used in vibrators?

JH: Our products are very well made, discreet female vibrators tailored to women’s needs and desires derived from insights from thousands of consumers. We’ve won Woman’s Health Product of the Year Award, and a Cosmos Readers Choice.  We stay up to date with the latest research from doctors and sexologisits.  Only using first class suppliers with strictest safety and quality standards.

very high quality and have high safety standards.


VC: Okay, the names for these Vibrators are too funny, where did these come from?

JH: I think, um, you know, the best way to talk about sexuality is through humor, and we asked 1000 women worldwide for their sexual fantasies. And they gave us a lot of different names, so we tried to go with the ones that could translate everywhere. Then once once we kind of set it up the names, we also match them to the functionalities or functions that we wanted. For instance, we knew we wanted, you know, some that were for controlling vibration, or control simulation, and the names coincide with those features.

“What vibrator should I get?”


VC : What’s a top question you get asked frequently about vibrators?

JH: The top question we get about vibrators is, “What vibrator should I get?”. Without providing guidance, we noticed that women tend to go for internal vibrators. But, this changes when we provide them with a quizz that helps they find their match based on what they like and want.

VC: For your first vibrator what should you get?

JH: So, to buy one’s first vibrator, the most important thing is to get curious about ourselves:
  • What do I like?
  • What do I want to try?
  • Asking ourselves these questions is also a way to validate our desires.
Discreet female vibrators are a tool to explore and enrich our sex lives. Move past the standardized vision we have on sex and pleasure and get curious about our bodies and pleasure anatomy.

VC: How can women and couples benefit from Smile makers products? What’s important for women to know when buying their first Vibrator?

JH: Finally, when buying a vibrator, it’s important to check if the product is safe for the body: no dangerous material, easy to clean.

Learn with these resources:


How can we give back to Women – focused charities?


VC: I heard you guys are making your mission a reality. Want to explain a little more about how you are giving back?

We created our sex education program because we found out that 30% of college aged American women cannot match their clitoris or their labia.

JH: We’ve created a sex education program called vulva talks. It is a pleasure positive and science backed sex education program. What it means is that we’ve created this training program that helps women both online and offline. So online, we help women better understand their bodies and pleasure through science back content. And offline, we also conduct training workshops that strengthen health professionals and sex educators knowledge and female sexuality. So these are some images from a workshop I conducted in a city in Malaysia called Kentucky about a very small town. And I went to this clinic and taught these 20 women here across all different kind of ethnic backgrounds, religious backgrounds, on sexual health, and so that they can have the right information to relay that to their patients.

There are different modules on pleasure, on anatomy, on masturbation on communication during sex and consent.


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