Gifts for Women in their 20’s : Gift Guide

gift guide for women in their 20s

How to buy the gift of her dreams

[[UPDATED Dec 2019]]


What do women want?

Gifting guides for buying presents for women in their 20’s are littered with carefully curated treasures to buy and celebrate your loved ones, coworkers, and even satisfy those pesky secret Santa parties. Showing appreciation through a thoughtful gift, when executed correctly, can be a serious game changer! Frequently, I am asked by my brother, mother, male friends, and boyfriend on how to find the perfect gift for her when holidays, celebrations and birthdays come around.

Typically, I like to begin with, “Well, what type of girl is she?”.

When we have a great understanding of this women, then the gift selection can be easy. But sometimes, choosing the right present can be tricky.

Perhaps it needs to be an a fabulous professional gift given in front of people.

Maybe you’re constrained by limited knowledge of her hobbies!

Or if it’s a brand new relationship, and navigating the endless sea of options is daunting.

What then?

gift guide for women in their 20s


Gifts for Women and giving great gifts in general, is a fine line to walk. Everyone loves something that is personal, and you’re a hero whenever you can make the receiver feel like you’re a great listener. This guide has a few sections to help you along to find what type of lady your gift receiving lady is! I have carefully added ideas to suit a host of types of women from the fashionable to the downright finicky! These ladies are in their twenties (so am I!) so I believe I have I’ve included a colorful mix to inspire your shopping.

These cute present ideas tend to stray from personal sizes and measurements (bleh- who wants to ask for those?!) yet are creative and sure to dazzle her. In the age of digital, I am still hoping to create a gift guide for women showcasing tangible, wrapable, lovable gifts! My approach to gift giving here is to try to be useful yet tailored to their lifestyle needs. Something she will love! Of course, our goal is not to end up in the back of the closet, unused!

I would personally drool over any of the following as gifts so I know she will too.

Best of all?

Price Point $40- $200


Gift Guide for Women in their 20’s

gift guide women in 20s

Gifts for the Adventurous Women

This women is always on the go. Check her recent instagram posts because she’s always out trying the latest restaurants, traveling or participating in enter-exciting-trend-here. She loves thrills and is curious about the world and all that is in it! These friends are a joy to have in our lives and they need items to aide in their quest for living their best life.

Genius Pack – Aerial Hard Side Carry On -$178

Travel in style with this sleekly designed and resilient carry on luggage. A big step in the life of a traveler is when you get a nice set of luggage. Double points if it swivels in all directions. In fact, I have had two of these Aerial Hard Side Carry ons. It’s light, durable and has held up flawlessly over two years of being put to the test. With clever inner pockets to organize myself while away I am happy to report that my first suitcase is only showing minimal wear and tear. I have two of them because I got my mother one for Mother’s Day, and then I stole it back because I found it so useful.

LuluLemon Belt Bag – $48

Whether it’s for festival season, sport or hiking. Belt Bags are a super cute way to store all of your must haves on the go! With a staggering amount of music festivals announcing dates this handsfree alternative prepares your sportiest pal or a lady looking for some stylish utility. Purses are a tough gift to give women as they usually have strong opinions that suite their tastes and lifestyle. This is not the fanny pack of the 80’s. I do believe belt bags fill a special place in a women’s wardrobe as they are the perfect atheleisure accessory. This trend has been around for a bit, also. I would opt for a neutral color.

JBL Flip Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker $99

Put that fun Spotify playlist of hers to use! Perfect for the dorm, backyard or housewarming!

Shop More Adventure Gifts

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Gifts for the Beauty Babe + Makeup Lovers

Beauty lovers are particular about our products. We know our colors, our swatches, our lotions, our potions and it’s a war that cannot be won. If she’s anything like me, she’s watching tutorials, obsessing over Sephora sales and follows a skincare regimen like it’s a religion.

From one beauty lover, I am here to out right say – please – do NOT buy us makeup!


If I spend hours in Sephora surveying the minuscule differences between shades of lip gloss, and fussing about what colors work for my skin tone, hair color, and eyes then I am not ready to hand over my years of hard work perusing the shelves to have someone else choose from the vast array of products in the beauty category.
Please, learn from my gifting mistakes, many bath-body lotions have ended up in the recipients drawer graveyards after Christmas has passed. Cosmetics are far too personalized. It’s just the nature of the game. Just buy a her a Sephora gift card instead.
That being said, here are some excellent gifts that are wonderful for us picky beauty gals!

Dagne Dover Lola Pouch – $59

makeup bag Gift Guide for Women in their 20's


A small yet mighty pouch to hold our treasured cosmetics? Yes, please. This bag is durable, easy to clean and doubles as a clutch. You gotta love multi-use products. All makeup users can find use for this in their arsenal whether that’s just for travel or everyday use. Bonus that it comes in 10+ colors! Winner.

Shop this Gallery of Beauty Gifts!

Gifts for Creative Women


This type of person yearns to create! You typically find them in creative fields like studying fashion or working in the arts. She is the kind of dreamer with a shelf full of books and lovely things strewn about her apartment. When she’s not closely studying her favorite books and films you can find her at a chic cafe.

Smythson Journals – $80


smythson journal gift for women

I’m such a fan of these and have had so many over the years! These are super classy, purse sized and last forever. Not to mention, they come in beautiful packaging delivered to your door!


Cute Polaroid Camera + Film – $66

I received this as a gift from my boyfriend when we newly began dating. I cherish it as it’s definitely a relic from childhood, and now has a modern twist! Make some memories and go for the Instax Film.

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Gifting for the Professional Woman

We all know her. She is one busy lady. Catching her without her putting it in her calendar weeks in advance is a no go. She lives and breathes her boss babe status. What better way to show your affections than products that help her crush it more than she already is.


CUYANA Tech Carryall Pouch – $165

tech carryall pouch Gift Guide for Women in their 20's

Gadget friendly, this perfect leather pouch has all of the necessary pockets for a girl on the go. Tons of colors.

Shop this Gallery of Tech Gifts!


Luxurious Gifts for Classy Women

This lady knows what she wants and only wants the best. In the gifting game, this recipient can undoubtably be the hardest to shop for.

After all, how do you surprise a woman with such great taste?

Have no fear, this is where we lean into the classics. These gifts are 99% golden due to their versatile yet classic nature. These gift ideas score high for their usability and, in my opinion, fit seamlessly into the lives of most women. Flawless.


Rent The Runway Gift Card $99 Unlimited Subscription

Rent The Runway


Women in their 20’s can relish in the gift of chic! I swear by this service as my go – to fashion destination featuring an impressive roster of designers all for rental! The renting revolution is here to stay. From their website:
“Since launching RTR Unlimited last year, we’ve heard about the many ways it has transformed their shopping habits and how they get dressed each day.”
A gift card for their monthly subscription means the recipient can log in online, choose her favorite styles, have them delivered quickly (for free!) and just return them when she wants to grab new ones.
Drop the mic.
For a fashionista, that means access to hundreds of designers at her finger tips and save so much time when deciding on the perfect outfit for an event. Let’s be honest, everyone has busy social seasons, special events or parties to attend. Utilizing this month of fashion during December, for example, covers your looks for holiday parties, NYE and everything in between. They have a number of tiers at different price points to suit the many clothing needs of the professional women and fashion bloggers alike who use this service. They have excellent customer service and I have never had an issue with subscription. Seriously, I cannot say enough good things! Definitely a different style of gift, but they get to choose all of their rentals for themselves! They will thank you for it.
For 20% off use the code : “FIRSTRTR”

A Silk Hair Scarf-$45

silk hair scarf Gift Guide for Women in their 20's


I wrote an entire article about my deep love of lengthy hair ribbons. It actually went viral on Pinterest, at present, 19,000+ women have re-shared the article. I believe it’s safe to say this style is not going anywhere. Did I mention that this product is useful for bows in your hair, wrapped around the handle of your favorite handbag, wrapped around your waist or even tied delicately around your neck. A lot of fashion brands are beginning to carry this killer hair accessory. In my experience, I’ll add that these silk scarves lay really nicely when they’re mostly silk. For a lifetime of use, go for bright pattern.

Additional Classy Gifts for Women:

Treat her to a styling session by one of the pros! These on-demand beauty services are available from 6AM to 9PM in and around New York City, Los Angeles, Orange County, South Florida, Washington DC, Boston, and the Bay Area. These stylists handle wedding ready looks all the way to the routine Monday morning blow out.
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You’ve made it here. To recap, whenever looking at some gifts for a women, especially in her 20’s, consider her lifestyle! Try to think further than just a gift card or something that will be useful and bring joy for years to come.
Remember, a great gift will serve as a relentless reminder of what you mean to them.