How to Make Your Hair Shiny + Healthy [Product Review]

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Make Your Hair Shiny + Healthy

Here’s a roundup devoted to the latest and greatest in all things shiny and healthy hair! Whenever I’m traveling or at home I have to stress how to keep my blonde locks from getting, ahem, dry and worn out. These are some of my favorite tools and products I’ve been using.

The secret to healthy hair is battling dryness and adding moisture!
Maintaining a good blonde don’t have to be a nightmare. Check out these products to get touchable hair!

What Hair products work well?

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Review

Is there any other hair dryer after you try a Dyson? Hair stylists at the blow bar I frequent and whenever I’m getting my hair done in New York City at Chris Chase Salon all agree : Dyson is that good. 

Brought to you by the good folks that make vacuum cleaners, you can bet that the technology is there to deliver the desired effect every time. I’ve been lucky enough to be invited to the launches of new Dyson products held in NYC. Let me tell you, they have their science down. Not only are they building hair dryers, but a range of home products that make life way easier and are always tested to deliver. This is the luxury sports car of hair blow driers. After test driving the power in this engine, you’ll find it difficult to get behind the wheel of anything else.

If you’re anything like me, and have extremely curly hair, then you need a dryer that packs a punch. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is fast and avoids unnecessary heat to leave you with a shiny blow dry while avoiding damage. I find this to be key as my hair is super thick and long so I’m not standing getting ready for hours (this cuts my hair drying in half). Sometimes, it can take a few goes pulling my curls straight so the fact that the body is lightweight also helps my arm from not cramping and falling off.

It’s a little on the expensive side, however, it’s well worth it when it’s a hair tool you’re using everyday.


Check out Dyson’s full range of products:

Don’t forget to check out the New Dyson Corrale Straighter at Ulta Beauty. It’s cordless! I’m in heaven!


Here we shares tips on maintaining shiny and healthy hair.
A great blow dryer can not only style hair but keep moisture locked!

Amika Soulfood Nourishing Mask Review

Amika is a wonderful Brooklyn based brand. I have worked with them in the past and found out about this great product when it was gifted to me.  Needless to say, I’m hooked! It’s an Amazon Choice product and no wonder because it’s seriously magic.

Dry blonde hair can get be worn down by high heat tools, sun damage, and using the wrong products. For those of you Blondes or anyone hoping to resurrect your ends: this miracle mask brings it back to life in 5-7 minutes. Amika Soulfood Nourishing Mask doesn’t leave hair gunky or greasy like many others. After this product has been washed out you will immediately feel the effect of this treatment with instantly softer healthy hair.

Pro-tip If you have dry ends: Put this product in the ends of your hair [from ears to ends] making sure it is completely drenched and sleep over night with a loose braid [use a shower cap if you wish to avoid mess].

If you don’t believe me, take a moment and scroll down to read some of the Amika reviews on Amazon for this product. 

You can dip your toes in with the smaller jar for $28 and the larger jar for $48. I don’t suggest the small tube for $12 if you have length to your hair. You will use it all in one go.




Shop Some of my Other Favorite Amika Products on Amazon:


Invisibobble The Traceless Hair Ring Review

When I began adulting, I started seeking out ways to boost healthy hair. Tossing out old ratty hair ties for new ones.  I was shocked to see rapid growth when I purchased these hair rings. Normally, I was one of those gals that used black hair-ties bought in packs of 50 which always tugged my unruly hair. They also left deep marks on my wrist when I would fall asleep with on one. The Invisibobble hair rings have helped me avoid damage, tugging and breakage to my hair.

I love the ability to throw up my tresses for a workout and they don’t leave dents in the hair.  My hair is quite thick and curly. These do a solid job holding up unruly pieces with no issue. Invisibobble hair ties may not be for someone with very straight thick hair that is heavy. Excitedly, I also found that Invisibobble ties didn’t stretch out too quickly and are perfect for everyday use.

They come in a variety of colors and are great when you’re looking to hide them in your hair! These rings come in sets of three for $8 so don’t lose them!


Shop some of their colors Below:

What will make my hair less damaged?

As a model I have sat in many a chair with many a stylist. I am telling you there are a few things you cannot overlook when it comes to hair care. Diets full of protein and biotin help healthy hair grow even stronger. For me, washing my hair less has helped me a ton.

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