Minimalist Fashion | Why it Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

Minimalist Fashion | Summer + Spring

I’m becoming a big big fan of minimal fashion. Tossing a few sparkles on my wrist and wearing minimal makeup is a go-to as we enter warmer Spring and Summer months. This last year for me has been tons of fun with travel, trips and a big apartment move. However, this only added to the stress that I needed to be really considerate about what I was taking when I was packing for trips or away from my main wardrobe for an extended time. Though everyone dreams of having the cutest outfits on vacation and taking those Instagram swoon-worthy shots, the reality of schlepping tons of suitcases around is not one I would like to participate in.

What’s a girl to do?

Flor Et Al Oaxaca Leopard Print Bow Dress summer outfits, summer dresses,


Minimalist Fashion can be fun if you let it be.

Limiting yourself to monochromatic or neutral tones can be liberating as you’ve now cut out a big chunk of items you see on the store shelves. Running away from trends and sticking to a core wardrobe can save you lots of money and headaches. This in turn, should make shopping for a wardrobe with versatile pieces much easier. With a limited color scheme you can focus on fun details.


Flor Et Al Oaxaca Leopard Print Bow Dress minimalist fashion, summer outfits, summer dresses,


What can I look for when building a minimalist wardrobe?

Plunging necklines, oversized tops or just a very very very simple white (or black!) dress can do wonders. Whenever I’m abroad traveling I’m sure to pack at least one of those types of dresses that can do “everything”. You know what I’m talking about. That simple dress that just works with sneakers, paired with leather jackets, at dinner, or on a plane (comfortable!). These minimal pieces aren’t too loud to draw attention, but still get the job done (and don’t take up too much space in your suitcase).

Flor Et Al Oaxaca Leopard Print Bow Dress minimalist fashion


Be inventive with your minimalist style. Look for interesting new shapes to add to your closet, like a wide leg trouser if you don’t have any. Seek out things that are a-typical for your current wardrobe like a puff-sleeve top or a striking one-shoulder.


Flor Et Al Oaxaca Leopard Print Bow Dress Flor Et Al Oaxaca Leopard Print Bow Dress minimalist fashion


Minimal Style can also help you to focus on styling your hair or makeup in new ways. Trying a simple braid or in my case, not styling my (very curly) hair is already such a simple way to make outfits look laid back and save me tons of time. Stringing together summer outfits with basic pieces can be fun when using the minimal approach.


Minimalism in fashion draws on it’s simplicity, effortlessness and cool factor. Playing the long game here entails choosing high quality clothing brands that don’t tatter or rip in a few wears. Subtle texture in the fabric is a sneaky way to add something special to a piece, like this Leopard-Print Bow Dress by Flor et Al. 

short white dress, strappy dress, wedding reception dress minimalist fashion


short white dress minimalist fashion


Outfit Details

Dress: Flor et Al

Watch: Amitron

Earrings: Bvulgari

Ring: In Arms Jewelry

Lip: Revlon

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