9 Reasons Your Closet is Stressing You Out


Closet decluttering shouldn’t stress you out, but let’s be real. The average woman has more clothes than we know what to do with. Here are the real reasons you are scared of your wardrobe.


1.) You come home to a trail of clutter to clean.

What’s more devastating than sitting down from a busy week only to find that your closet and bedroom have been tanked by a bomb of disorganization. Socks, Shirts and Shoes strewn about leftover from the chaos of an early morning rush. I’m also a culprit here. Things can easily slip from a perfectly curated Marie Kondo closet into a pit of mahem and clutter.


2.) You’re always late for Work / Parties / Everything.

Getting dressed should not be a chore! As a fashion blogger I love putting together outfits and feeling confident about my look. That being said, I know that poor time management due to not being able to find the right accessory, shoe or bag can be super stressful. If your closet is disorganized and messy it can set off a chain reaction of tardiness that will always have your friends and family waiting on you!

Don’t be that lady!


3.) You never have anything to wear (though you have so much!).

This one is tough. You have a full closet and still nothing to wear. Endlessly trying out outfits and pulling out garments you haven’t seen since last Winter. Tidying up would be easy if minimizing and getting rid of clothes was easy. You drive your friends crazy in a group chat asking which outfit you should wear to the party.

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4.) You’re holding onto things you know you shouldn’t.

Before you start googling “How to downsize your wardrobe” think about why you’re holding onto this clutter in the first place. Are you holding onto clothes, accessories or items you’re hoping to give to a friend when the time is right? Were they expensive and you don’t feel okay tossing them? The mental weight of disorganization can be taxing. Getting down to the bottom of your closet is reserved for a time in your calendar which brings me to….


5.) You’re waiting for the perfect time to tackle the challenge (There is never time!).

You have a job, or a family, or school and there is just never enough time to do everything. Let alone have me time. Now you’re asking my to take my only free Saturday this month to clean my closet? Yeah, no thanks I’d rather go to brunch….


<<How much easier would it be if you had a capsule wardrobe?>>

6.) You can’t find anything because it is SO disorganized.

Where did I put that special bag I only use (almost never)… but I still love too much to get rid of (like all of my other things)….. I swear!


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7.) You’re embarrassed when other people see your room.

I hear you. When your boyfriend, mom, roommate or spouse is eyerolling your mess then you know that it’s time to clear out the closet!

closet decluttering, closet organization, clean closet

8.) You can’t buy new things because you have so many old things. (And your wallet is not happy!)

Do I need to explain any further?

9.) You know you need to sell and get rid of them, but you don’t know where.

When you start thinking about how to downsize your wardrobe, I always try to sort them into piles to sell or piles to give away. If you want to sell your gently used items, you can check out resources such as Poshmark, Platos Closet, or Buffalo Exchange. I also love to donate clothing that I no longer use at drop off bins for the Salvation Army and Goodwill. 

closet decluttering, closet organization, clean closet


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The first step is accepting right? Now you are on your way to a clutter free closet. In case you’re wanting more information I created a handy E-book on How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe that cannot be missed!