Amazon Live Partnerships



Where do you shoot?
I have a production studio in my home to create my streams with a 3 camera set up, studio lighting & microphones. This ensures product visibility and a sharp professional quality.

How long are your live-streams?
Typically, I’m shooting for a minimum of 60mins up to 90mins run time
(this live-stream footage can later be repurposed for my clients for other shorter videos for social media or used as facebook ads for a usage rights fee).

How long will you talk about my product?
I spend approximately 4-5 minutes per product on my client’s products per live-stream. When I broadcast to my audience on Amazon, it’s best for the duration of the live-streams to be as long as possible.

What categories of products do you promote?
Top categories: Home, Furniture, Kitchen &Dining

How are products selected for the Amazon Live Carousel?
I curate a selection of complimentary products centered around the theme for the live-stream.
This carousel will showcase 3-5 of your brand’s products, mixed in with tasteful selection of other similar items.
I go through 25-30 products total per live-stream.
The goal here is to engage with viewers in real time through live product demonstrations & un-boxings.
I’ll avoid any similar products (i.e. if it’s your chair I will not add another chair).

My Amazon Live is growing quickly, averaging thousands of views and clicks per livestream.

Can you show me some data?

Here’s an example where my channel’s live-streams drove sales with shipped revenue soaring to $160,000.


By partnering with an Amazon Live Host, you can:

✔ Track new sales from Amazon
✔ Grow your presence on Amazon + Social Media Channels
✔ Highlight the best product features in an authentic way

Amazon live uses cutting edge technology to bring your products before the eyes of your biggest fans.


What content can I expect?
I can offer a variety of short form and long form content that can optimize your Amazon storefront and/or broadcast simultaneously to social media channels like Facebook.

Top Requests:
Live-streams, shoppable videos, shoppable photos,
Live-Hosting, Ads

What’s the timeline for partnerships?
I believe in long term partnerships.
To feature products on my Amazon Live, I typically like to partner for at least 2 months so that I can begin to work the products into my live-streams organically.
This should usually give me enough time to see how they will land with my audience.

I aim to get the first live stream featuring your products up within 1 week of receiving the product. Aside from major holidays- Black Friday, Prime Day etc.

Then, my clients and I will usually move to an ongoing month-to-month collaboration where I steadily promote their products in my product carousels whenever they fit the theme.

Can we work together on product selection?
Yes – Brand partners and I will usually work together on their needs for products they want to highlight. Always feel free to share any messaging, special sales or product promotions so that we align.

Do you have packages we can choose from??

I can offer a variety of short form and long form content that can optimize your Amazon storefront and/or broadcast simultaneously to social media channels like Facebook.

Content can be Live-streams, shoppable videos, shoppable photos, Live-Hosting, Ads and more!

I have had a lot of success creating single product review videos and demonstrating products during live-streams.

Creating themed livestreams for my weekly channel, such as “Must Have Bedroom Items” Or “Favorite Home Finds On Amazon” featuring your products would be wonderful to build awareness with my viewers who are ready to purchase, but want to know a little more about each item.

It’s helpful for my audience to follow along to see what the products look like live.

When I partner with brands on Amazon, I like to create video content like single product reviews in shoppable video format for each product as well.

These tend to have high click through rates and high conversions as well.

They will appear on:
– My Amazon Influencer Storefront
– Product Detail Pages
– Search results
– Other Amazon locations

I provide my clients with reports data from Amazon directly to ensure transparency with sales of products.

Additionally, the Amazon Live Creator app has data about the livestreams  including

Sales, Views & Engagement data – which I am happy to send you.

Typically, when I partner with clients, I send detailed sales reports to them between the 1st-5th of the following month.
For example, you would receive January 2022’s sales data between February 1st- February 5th. 
If you would like to know them at any point, feel free to request them from me.  


View Gift Card Sales – December 2021

Amazon Shoppable Videos:
These are short pieces of video content that are single product reviews or explainer videos.
Here are some examples for the shoppable videos. 
These tend to have high click through rates and high conversions as well. 
They will appear on:
  1. My Amazon Influencer Storefront 
  2. Product Detail Pages
  3. Search Results On Amazon
  4. Other Amazon Locations (Amazon does testing where their content ends up on their website)

On a typical week, you can find me Mondays – Fridays hosting livestreams for 60-90 mins starting at 9:30 a.m. EST

Tune in on my Amazon Live Channel

How does the payment process work?

What can I expect to pay? The terms are priced per live-stream with tailored bundles to suit your business needs.

All invoices can be paid by Paypal & Stripe

Find Paypal account with the email : social@veracasagrande.com

Email me your question and I will be happy to help you!