How to Plan the Best Staycation

Who said you have to go out of town to take a vacation? Staying home can be just as relaxing and five hundred times cheaper, and you don’t have to squish yourself sardine-style into an airplane. You save so much money not leaving town that you can really splurge on some hometown favorites, all while sleeping in your own bed, getting some alone time, and ignoring everyone forever. Well, at least for a few days until you end up having to go back to reality.

Planning a staycation? Here are my top tips for having the time of your life, right in your own backyard.

log off

Step one? Unplug yourself. I’m not advocating you cut off your access to the internet completely, but setting some digital boundaries is important for relaxation. Set your out of office response on your email accounts, screen your phone calls, and don’t take any call, text, or email that you wouldn’t take if you were lounging on a tropical island somewhere.


have your house cleaned

Nothing says relaxation like a beautiful space that you don’t have to clean. Hire a one-time maid service to have your house professionally scrubbed, then bask in the glory of your pristine house for your staycation. While you’re at it, have your clothes laundered! Chores are for people who aren’t on vacation.create a theme

Even though you’re at home, having a theme can give a fun tone to your stay. Watch all the Godfather movies, eat pasta, and drink red wine for the ultimate Italian experience right there in your pajamas.


order in

This one’s a no-brainer: order delivery every night! Don’t count calories, don’t stick to a diet, just follow your bliss. It’s cheaper than the food you’d buy at a hotel somewhere, and you can pick up all your favorites and dine in style. Just call it room service!


have a spa day

From sheet masks to bubble baths, an at-home spa setup can leave you pampered and relaxed. Even better, though? Go to an actual spa! Get a massage, a manicure, and a facial, and return to your real life ten times more rested and fresh. It’s a souvenir you’ll actually enjoy, even if it doesn’t last forever.


upgrade your bed

Few things are as luxurious as slipping into silky sheets and laying back on an enormous stack of pillows, so treat yourself to some new sheets. You can upgrade your bed at home for less than the cost of one night at a nice hotel. Plus, you’ll get to keep the sheets forever! The luxury brand at Target has some high-thread count options that are totally dreamy.


explore your town

]Spend a little time as a tourist in your own town. What cool attractions or events have you always wanted to check out but haven’t gotten around to? Why not try those activities that always seemed fun but too spendy for an average weekend trip? Be a visitor to your own city and see everything with fresh eyes.

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