How to Style a Two-Piece Outfit for Summer

two piece outfit

two piece outfit

A fun, comfortable style that has had a massive comeback since the 90’s is the two-piece outfit. As easy to throw on as a dress but as comfortable as a shirt and pants, it’s a no-brainer outfit that I adore. Plus, putting one on gives you an instant, put-together look (even though you didn’t have to do anything).

But if you’re looking for some styling advice, here are my recommendations for rocking a two-piece outfit without fear.

Bold Prints

One thing I’ve noticed about many two-piece sets is the prevalence of striking patterns and colors. Because the sets usually are made of the same print, you can get away with a strong color or style without looking too fussy. That said, be sure to stick to patterns you know you’ll actually wear. Consider your lifestyle and remember that there’s no sense buying a hot pink leopard print two-piece unless you have the kind of life that allows for that kind of thing on the reg.

Pay attention to color

Most of the time, I think people should just wear whatever color they feel cute in. But with a matching two-piece outfit, I really suggest that you only go for colors that flatter you. That color will be your whole outfit, so if you wear a color that has the potential to really mess up your look. On the other hand, if you pick a color you look bomb in, you’re going to look extra cute.

Dress them up

A big perk to two-pieces is that their coordinated look can be dressed up really easily, and they’re so on trend you look like you’re a fashion goddess. Just be sure you choose the right two-piece for a formal event. I suggest starting with a nicer material; a fancier finish with a satin effect looks expensive and polished. Throw on some bling and do your hair, and you’ll be ready to walk the red carpet. Or just walk to dinner. Your call.

Dress it Down

To keep it casual, accessorize! Because two-pieces skew more formal (unless your two-piece is a shorts and tank top style), go for fun accents like hats, sandals, tennis shoes, and big jewelry to highlight the playfulness. Think less catsuit, more playsuit.

Wear them separately

A two-piece power move is to wear the two pieces separately. There’s no rule that says you have to wear them as a matching set; you can split them up and get two outfits for the price of one! I love mixing them up with sweaters, jeans, graphic tees, or leather jackets to add some edge.

I love packing two-pieces when I travel, because you really get maximum bang for your buck while economizing on packing space. (PS. Have you read my blog on packing tips? Check it out!)

Don’t worry about it

Some people shy away from two-pieces because they’re afraid to show their midriff, but remember that this isn’t a high school dance! You’re allowed to rock a little belly, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Pick a two-piece you feel fabulous in, and rock it. Confidence really is the best accessory.

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