How to Organize Accessories in Drawers

Organize your drawers with these tips!

How to Organize Accessories in Drawers

So, you want to organize accessories? During my time indoors this Spring I was met with the challenge to take on organizing my closet. I am going to be upgrading my drawers and closet in my new space when I move later this Summer. That means, I’ll need to be downsizing and donating any of my unworn items. It was just then that I realized I am officially an accessories hoarder. The kind that needs a shoutout on a cleaning show devoted to people that have a little too much, uhm, stuff. Previously, my favorite way to hoard was in little boxes or bags(??) tucked away in drawers so that I could never successfully access or see them. This was silly because I could never find the right accessories often forgetting that I even owned them.
Between earrings (pricey, colorful and kitsch), bracelets, watches (too many types of straps to count) and an array of sunglasses I could become a flea market street vendor success with very little outside help. My little store bought angels have finally received the respect they deserve when I Mario Kondo’d them into my new vintage drawers outfitted with stackable trays I purchased on Amazon. I ended up buying two set of these for a total of six trays. Instead of stacking them, I found it more useful to lay these trays along the bottoms of my (very large and deep) drawers side by side for a clean look. I will show you a peek on how this all comes together at the end. Today, I would like to share what I’ve gathered on my organization and cleanliness journey. This will be for a chest of drawers (of any kind), as that’s what I have organized for now. I will hopefully do a closet organization post at a later time. This took hours and hours of research to find the right organizers for my Makeup, Accessories, Sunglasses and more. This is by no means the be all end all, however, I am so so pleased with the result! Not to mention, this only took a short time to put together! Skip the research and jump to what you need organized below. Enjoy!

Tips to Organize Accessories into Drawers

  Get New Inspiration: Some of my favorite places to shop for organizers are of course:
  • Amazon: Obviously, lightening fast and bringing you all the best China has to offer.
  • The Container Store: I love this store for inspiration on new ways to store items.
  • IKEA: They know storage solutions best. Especially for unique bins and children’s items.
  • Etsy: For special one of a kind items and storage that is beautiful and you’re sure to love for ages. Shop Below for some of the best on Etsy.

Jewelry Organizer Drawer Inserts on Etsy

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Keep a Uniform Color: I would say once you’re on an organizing kick, stick to the same color for your storage cases, bins, trays, storage accessories and more. Following a color (even white, black, or clear) can create consistency and make the whole place (or drawer, or closet) look uniform and purposeful. This tip was *major* for me. Don’t get me started about when I replaced ALL of my hangers with standard ones that match. Acrylic Organizers: I use a lot of acrylic when storing makeup as it’s tidy and uniform. The clear material as easy to see through in my dark drawers. The thicker material is a dream to clean off any makeup that will eventually get on it. Trays: I wanted to upgrade and organize accessories in my drawers so that I would love looking at them daily and that they would keep my luxe jewelry safe and tidy. I chose trays with high-quality velvet. They’re so soft to the touch and elegant in appearance. I’m happy that they protect my watch faces and sunnies from all sorts of damage.

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How to Store Sunglasses:

Sunglasses Storage Acrylic Wall Racks

Personally, I have a mix of cheapy street vendor sunglasses and precious designer sunglasses. Either way, no one wants scratches on their sunglasses when they go to put them on. Storing them in a way that they’re easily accessible (and not in a pile becoming scratched) is key. So what to do? I know I said drawers, however, I desperately wanted to include the following space saving tip. I found a nifty little hack for storing Sunglasses on the wall inside my closet using Nail Polish Bottle Acrylic Wall Racks (the kind found in salons). These acrylic racks are brilliant for getting them up and away. Sunglasses fit snug inside these as they are the same size in width as the little nail polish bottles. Or if you have tons of nail polish like I do, you can use them as originally intended. Yay!

Shop Closet Sunglasses Storage

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Storing Sunglasses Inside Drawers

When storing sunglasses in drawers, I opted for trays that will look luxurious and store them without scratching. I fell in love with these trays on Amazon because they were so versatile. As I mentioned, I ended up buying two sets of these for a total of six trays and I only needed five in the end. I love to organize accessories neatly so that they’re visible and easy to grab. Remove sunglasses tray dividers for easy sunglasses storage.   For sunglasses, I readjusted the standard bracelet and earrings tray (Pictured in image 2 on Amazon) dividers to create tighter compartments for my sunglasses to sit more upright (and to fit more of them). I removed the shorter dividers entirely as photographed below. Regularly, they have three long dividers going the horizontal way. I took another long divider from my other tray and tucked it in here for four long rows to fit my sunnies. Once modified, they look like this.

Organize sunglasses using these cute trays.

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What is the best way to store earrings:

Earrings can be a hassle with the number of storage varieties. Personally, I don’t agree with having to fasten it onto something as it’s more likely that when you’re quickly grabbing them from the drawer the backing is bound to get lost. It’s frustrating to say the least when you’re trying to head out the door. I’ll put earrings into two simple camps: Large Earrings: My larger more colorful earring sets I tucked snug into the little squares in the tray with many dividers placed horizontally and vertically. Once you outgrow these modest compartments, you can also stack items that are similar color or size in each compartment for easy access. How to organize earrings in drawers using accessories trays. Small Earrings: For Small Earrings or fine jewelry (such as rings or bracelets) I would store them tucked into the tray (with no dividers) with seven deep crevaces across it. When you organize accessories, this holds onto the earring backing tight ensuring that it won’t slip deep into the drawer when you close it. Organizing earrings can be easy using trays.

How to Store Bracelets in Drawers:

I don’t have many bracelets, however, the ones I do have fit quite neatly in the small earring storage tray as seen above.  

How to Store Watches in Drawer:

Much like my sunglasses, I have a mix of inexpensive and luxury watches. As any watches fanatic, you’ll want to keep them safe from harm to their watch faces so that they’re ready for wear at any time. To store them inside drawers and organize accessories neatly, I took out the longer horizontal dividers from the trays. This way, I created shorter and thinner compartments to fit my many watches. Now they are neatly tucked away and safe to grab at any time. How I organize my watches in drawers using trays.

How to Store Necklaces in Drawers Neatly:

Storing necklaces on a vanity or table top can quickly look messy. Use my above tip for watches to store your necklaces with ease! Create as many compartments are you need using dividers from other trays. Try to lay them flat so they don’t tangle.  

Final Result : How I Organized all of my Accessories in My Drawers

How to organize your accessories in drawers using trays.

How to organize your watches in drawers using trays.

This look brings life into my accessories drawers! I’m so happy with how clean the result is. On a daily basis, I’m so happy to grab what I need without any added frustration. Hoping that the accessories organization fairy grants all of your wildest dreams as she has mine. Pretty soon, you’ll organize accessories like a pro!