How to Organize Accessories in Drawers

Every item was hand-picked for this post and this blog may earn commission on

some of the items you choose to buy, at no additional cost to you. 

Every item was hand-picked for this post and this blog may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy, at no additional cost to you. 

Organize your drawers with these tips!

So, You Want to Organize Accessories?

During my time indoors this spring, I faced the challenge of organizing my closet. As I’m preparing to upgrade my drawers and closet in my new space for the upcoming summer move, I’ve realized the need to downsize and donate unworn items.

It was during this process that I acknowledged I had become an accessories hoarder – the type that might get featured on a cleaning show dedicated to individuals with a penchant for accumulating a bit too much, well, stuff. In the past, I’d stash my favorite pieces in little boxes or bags (?), hidden away in drawers, rendering them inaccessible and often forgotten. This was a futile effort since I would struggle to locate the right accessory, frequently forgetting that I even owned them.

Between my collection of earrings (ranging from pricey to colorful and kitsch), bracelets, watches (with countless strap variations), and an array of sunglasses, I could easily set up shop as a successful flea market street vendor, all with minimal external assistance.

Finally, my store-bought angels have received the appreciation they deserve as I employed the Marie Kondo method to organize them into my new vintage drawers, equipped with stackable trays I acquired from Amazon. I ended up purchasing two sets of these trays, totaling six. Rather than stacking them, I found it more beneficial to lay them along the bottom of my notably large and deep drawers side by side, achieving a clean and organized appearance. You’ll get a glimpse of how it all comes together at the end.

Today, I’d like to share the insights I’ve gained on my journey toward organization and cleanliness. This advice pertains to organizing a chest of drawers (of any type), as that’s what I’ve focused on for now. I plan to delve into closet organization in a subsequent post. The process took hours of research to identify the ideal organizers for my makeup, accessories, sunglasses, and more. While this isn’t an exhaustive guide, I’m genuinely delighted with the results. Moreover, it took surprisingly little time to put together! If you’re seeking specific guidance, skip the research and dive right into the sections below. Enjoy!

Tips for Organizing Accessories in Drawers

Seek New Inspiration: Some of my go-to places for shopping for organizers include:

  • Amazon: Naturally, it offers swift delivery and presents the finest selections from around the world.
  • The Container Store: This is my haven for discovering innovative ways to store items.
  • IKEA: A master at providing storage solutions, especially for distinctive bins and children’s items.
  • Etsy: Ideal for finding unique and beautiful one-of-a-kind items and storage solutions you’re bound to cherish for years. Check out some of the Etsy gems below for the best selections.

Jewelry Organizer Drawer Inserts on Etsy

Maintain a Consistent Color Scheme: While on an organizational spree, I recommend sticking to a uniform color scheme for your storage cases, bins, trays, and other storage accessories. Embracing a specific color (even if it’s white, black, or clear) creates a sense of uniformity and purpose throughout your space – be it a room, drawer, or closet. This tip proved invaluable for me. And let’s not even begin about how much I appreciated replacing all my hangers with matching standard ones.

Acrylic Organizers: When storing makeup, I lean heavily on acrylic organizers due to their neat and consistent appearance. The transparent material offers easy visibility within my dark drawers. The thicker material is a dream to clean off any makeup residue that inevitably finds its way onto it.

Trays: My objective was to elevate the organization of accessories in my drawers, ensuring that I’d enjoy seeing them every day while also keeping my precious jewelry safe and organized. For this purpose, I selected trays with high-quality velvet lining. These trays are not only soft to the touch but also exude an elegant vibe. I’m delighted that they shield my watch faces and sunglasses from potential damage.


How to Store Sunglasses:

Sunglasses Wall Storage Using Acrylic Racks

While my collection comprises both affordable street vendor sunglasses and exquisite designer ones, no one wants scratches on their eyewear just as they’re about to put them on. The key is to store them in a manner that ensures easy access while avoiding the risk of scratches. So, what’s the solution?

Although I previously mentioned drawers, I couldn’t resist sharing this space-saving tip. I discovered a clever hack for hanging sunglasses on the wall inside my closet using acrylic wall racks designed for nail polish bottles (the kind you find in salons). These acrylic racks prove ingenious for keeping sunglasses elevated and protected. Sunglasses fit snugly inside, as they share a similar width with the petite nail polish bottles. Alternatively, if you happen to possess a plethora of nail polish bottles like I do, you can certainly use these racks as originally intended. How delightful!

Storing Sunglasses Inside Drawers

When it comes to drawer storage, I opted for trays that provide an air of luxury while safeguarding sunglasses from scratches. I was smitten by the versatility of the trays I discovered on Amazon. As previously mentioned, I purchased two sets, amounting to six trays, although I only required five in the end. I’m a proponent of neatly organizing accessories to ensure they’re visible and easy to grab.

The journey of organizing accessories is not only practical but also creatively satisfying. It’s about transforming clutter into an elegant display of your personal style. Whether it’s your jewelry, watches, or sunglasses, these tips can help you curate a more organized and visually appealing space.

Remove sunglasses tray dividers for easy sunglasses storage.


For sunglasses, I readjusted the standard bracelet and earrings tray (Pictured in image 2 on Amazon) dividers to create tighter compartments for my sunglasses to sit more upright (and to fit more of them). I removed the shorter dividers entirely as photographed below. Regularly, they have three long dividers going the horizontal way. I took another long divider from my other tray and tucked it in here for four long rows to fit my sunnies. Once modified, they look like this.

Organize sunglasses using these cute trays.

What is the best way to store earrings:

Earrings can be a hassle with the number of storage varieties. Personally, I don’t agree with having to fasten it onto something as it’s more likely that when you’re quickly grabbing them from the drawer the backing is bound to get lost. It’s frustrating to say the least when you’re trying to head out the door. I’ll put earrings into two simple camps:
Large Earrings: My larger more colorful earring sets I tucked snug into the little squares in the tray with many dividers placed horizontally and vertically. Once you outgrow these modest compartments, you can also stack items that are similar color or size in each compartment for easy access.
How to organize earrings in drawers using accessories trays.
Small Earrings: For Small Earrings or fine jewelry (such as rings or bracelets) I would store them tucked into the tray (with no dividers) with seven deep crevaces across it. When you organize accessories, this holds onto the earring backing tight ensuring that it won’t slip deep into the drawer when you close it.
Organizing earrings can be easy using trays.

How to Store Bracelets in Drawers:

I don’t have many bracelets, however, the ones I do have fit quite neatly in the small earring storage tray as seen above.

How to Store Watches in Drawer:

Much like my sunglasses, I have a mix of inexpensive and luxury watches. As any watches fanatic, you’ll want to keep them safe from harm to their watch faces so that they’re ready for wear at any time. To store them inside drawers and organize accessories neatly, I took out the longer horizontal dividers from the trays. This way, I created shorter and thinner compartments to fit my many watches. Now they are neatly tucked away and safe to grab at any time.
How I organize my watches in drawers using trays.

How to Store Necklaces in Drawers Neatly:

Storing necklaces on a vanity or table top can quickly look messy. Use my above tip for watches to store your necklaces with ease! Create as many compartments are you need using dividers from other trays. Try to lay them flat so they don’t tangle.

Final Result : How I Organized all of my Accessories in My Drawers

How to organize your accessories in drawers using trays.

How to organize your watches in drawers using trays.

This look brings life into my accessories drawers! I’m so happy with how clean the result is. On a daily basis, I’m so happy to grab what I need without any added frustration. Hoping that the accessories organization fairy grants all of your wildest dreams as she has mine. Pretty soon, you’ll organize accessories like a pro!

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