The Bold / Print : How to Stand Out at a Party

The Bold / Print : How to Stand Out at a Party

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Looking to make a splash at your next event? Quickly break out of your shell with a bold statement outfit that sets you apart from the crowd. My philosophy when it comes to a bold look is basically categorized along the lines of picking out interesting shapes, weights, prints, and colors. But if you want some more specific pointers to help you decide to shake things up, here are some tips!

Dramatic Shoes

Nothing makes an entrance quite like a killer pair of shoes. Think about Kanye and his Yeezys; they’re iconic and they define his entire aesthetic. Though you don’t have to be at Kanye’s level to rock some killer shoes, a statement tennis shoe looks incredible (and I have a whole blog post about them). Or, don’t be afraid to wear a pair of over the knee boots for that Ariana Grande vibe, or an early 2000’s Avril Lavigne style with combat boots or Converse. There are an infinite variety of shoes, and for some reason, because it’s footwear, you can even get away with a jazzy pair of shoes at things like work events than you could with, say, a neon yellow cocktail dress. Just sayin’.

Statement accessory

For the faint of heart, a statement accessory can add some instant oomf to your outfit without too much commitment. If you get to the party and you decide it’s not quite the tone, just leave the accessory in your car and continue like it never happened. Or go ahead and wear it with pride anyway, and enjoy the fact that you are officially the most interesting person in the room. I love interesting purses, neon jewelry, bright hair pieces, and funky tights to add a bold note to an outfit.

Strong colors

For an easy way to dress boldly, color block your outfit or go full-on monochromatic. Nothing makes a statement quite like pulling an outfit together using the power of one, unified color. I have a secret love of 90’s power suits for their ridiculous monochromatic ballsiness, and I like taking that style over into the modern age with a cool jacket paired over a matching shirt and pants. One tiny rule? It doesn’t count as color blocking if you’re just wearing all black. Then you’re verging into “classic elegance mixed with goth” which does not a bold outfit make.

A loud print

When all else fails, let a loud print do your talking for you. Huge florals, jagged geometrics, and striking paisleys will take the lead in whatever outfit you style them in, so use a liberal hand and trust the print to make a statement on your behalf. I stand by the classic rule of pairing a loud print with more toned down secondary patterns and colors. You want to stand out, not make people seasick.

Above all, standing out is about confidence. So however you dress, rock it in style and don’t be afraid!


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