10 Sexiest Everyday Skirt Looks Ever

Every item was hand-picked for this post and this blog may earn commission on

some of the items you choose to buy, at no additional cost to you. 

Every item was hand-picked for this post and this blog may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy, at no additional cost to you. 


You’re scrolling.

Cycling through Instagram for an endless array of summer outfit inspiration.

Summer season is soon upon us and you see the glittery leggy outfits of Coachella’s past.

Thinking to yourself, I love that look.

Or otherwise, you’re feeling frustrated by lack of variety in your wardrobe and how you’ll never branch out of black on black on black. I feel you on that. It’s time to break up the ordinary, like this little  hottest skirt of the summer. I have compiled this little guide to Conquering the Skirt!

If you’ve ever thought to yourself:

I can’t find the right skirt for my body type.

Skirts cling to my body in the wrong way.

I wish I had a comfortable summer attire.

I will never find the perfect skirt.

Fear no longer my friends. Below I have compiled 10 times that skirts looked absolutely breathe taking. You are guaranteed to find some goodies.

1. ) The Look : Silk (& Satin) Skirts – For the fearless

shop silk skirts long silk skirts

Skirts are a joy to wear in summer months especially with the endless array of colors, styles and textures that will leave any gal (or guy!) smitten. For the fearless, I would suggest a silk knee length skirt. This trend is so cute paired with a sneaker or a dressy shoe for a night out. This is the pop of color piece your wardrobe needs. Pair with a white t-shirt (tied to the front) for a totally relaxed babe on the go look.

Shop Silk & Satin Skirts here:

LEITH Satin Midi Skirt, Main, color, BLACK DOTLEITH Satin Midi Skirt, Main, color, RED DITSY PRINTVALENTINO Plissé Silk Midi Skirt, Main, color, LAN-LANDVINCE Knot Silk Midi Skirt, Main, color, MINERAL STONE



2.) The Look : Vibrant Patterned Skirt

vibrant skirts colorful skirts skirts for women

Currently seeing tons of vibrant patterns at play along with the 2019 favorite cheetah print. This pattern does not seem to be going away and I’m not mad about it. She’s loud, unapologetic and fierce. Vibrant patterns hide problem areas and give a boost of confidence.

Shop Vibrant Patterned Skirts here:

Elisa Mustard Yellow Print Satin Midi Skirt - LulusLillian Black Print Ruffled Skater Skirt - LulusPocketful of Petals Yellow Floral Print Ruffled Mini Skirt - Lulus

Yuri Green Striped Pleated Midi Skirt - Lulus


3.) The Look : Show those legs baby – The Mini Skirt


mini skirts short mini skirts for women


These are for those blazin’ hot days where wishing we can find ourselves by a pool. Or strolling around some ancient European cities. These are for those blazin’ hot days where wishing we can find ourselves by a pool. Or strolling around some ancient European cities.

Shop Mini Skirts here:

Can't Buy Me Love Wine Red Suede Snap-Front Mini Skirt - LulusREFORMATION Margot Miniskirt, Main, color, BENGALREFORMATION Candella Button Detail Linen Miniskirt, Main, color, BLACK


4.) The Look : The Midi Skirt (or Maxi Skirt)


midi skirts long skirts summer skirts



Looking for a covert cover up? When girl’s say “I feel more exposed in a skirt” Enter: The Midi skirt. This is also an excellent choice for the gal who loves long skirts, but it not that tall.

Shop Midi Skirts here:

TOPSHOP Split Side Bias Midi Skirt, Main, color, IVORYASTR THE LABEL Leopard Print Button Front Midi Cotton Blend Skirt, Main, color, LEOPARD PRINTREFORMATION Zoe Side Slit Midi Skirt, Main, color, FLORETTEREFORMATION Highland Button Front Midi Skirt, Main, color, WHITE

5.) The Look : The Boho Skirt


boho skirt bohemian skirts for women


These skirts scream bohemian. Reserve for those long summer days at the beach on a properly sunny location. Bohemian style prints can be longer or shorter and usually feature tassels, ties or even buttons up the front. An effortless pairing is a slouchy t-shirt tied to the front or oversized button down shirt for maximum I’m-on-vacation cool. Points for wicker bags and leather sandals.

Shop Boho Skirts here:

iconFresh Fleur Mustard Yellow Floral Print A-Line Midi Skirt - LulusHigh Heights Mustard Yellow Floral Print Maxi Skirt - Lulusicon




6.) The Look : The Denim Skirt


denim skirt denim skirts long dark denim skirts


The denim skirt really deserves it’s own section because denim can be worn SO many ways by SO many babes. A personal love affair is happening for me with the tight midi-denim skirt because once it’s tailored to you by a tailor it fits like an absolute glove. I am additionally a big fan of denim skirts with effortless cool girl rips.

Shop Denim Skirts here:

Brando 2020 Light Wash Distressed Denim Mini Skirt - LulusDeconstructed Blue Denim Mini Skirt - LulusLivin' It Up Indigo Denim Pencil Skirt - LulusJasmine Dark Wash Buttoned Midi Skirt - LulusSTANDARDS & PRACTICES Elain Denim Pencil Skirt, Alternate, color, BLUE


7.) The Look : The Pencil Skirt


pencil skirts pencil skirts summer


A Kim K. Favorite. It seems she never leaves home without the pencil skirt on. Rightfully so, as it is extremely figure flattering with those who have, uhm, a little more booty down there. The pencil skirt elevates any even look by adding length (traditionally too the knee), however, by hugging you in all of the right places this skirt is the secret weapon for any women ready to take make the world hers. I am loving the look with pulled back high pony a la Ariana Grande or opt for something sexier up top.

Shop Pencil Skirts here:

TOPSHOP Faux Leather Pencil Skirt, Main, color, BLACKPencil It In White Bodycon Pencil Skirt - LulusRACHEL PARCELL Lace Pencil Skirt, Main, color, BLACK

8.) The Look : The A-line Skirt

a line skirts A-line skirts for women


The A-line skirt is a classically feminine silhouette. Conversely, this type of skirt is perfect for hiding the derriere and accentuating the waist. A high waist A-line skirt is a fan favorite for girly girls and field frolickers alike. You do not need to own a little house on the prairie to have this on rotation in your wardrobe. Make sure that you choose one that fits snug at the true waist for a flattering slim skirt look. This look is complete with a top tucked in or a slouchy light sweater worn over for a sluggish, yet comfortable skirt look.

Shop A-line Skirts here:

NIC+ZOE Stripe Pleat Skirt, Alternate, color, MULTIGUCCI Double G Wool & Silk Crepe A-Line Skirt, Main, color, GARDENIA



9.) The Look :The Professional Skirt

professional skirts work skirts skirts for work


Less tapered and less body-con the professional skirt is the office-approved pencil skirt. Summer work wear bumming you out? No need to sweat before the work day begins in the heated summer months. This skirt look is complete with a loose professional blouse. A fan favorite is a professional looking down button down shirt, however, you could trya number of options like a basic shell tank with a light sweater or a tucked in white t-shirt.

Shop Professional Skirts here:

MING WANG Paisley Knit Skirt, Main, color, WHITEMARINA RINALDI Casanova Pencil Skirt, Main, color, HAZELNUTCUSHNIE Slit Pencil Skirt, Main, color, STORM

10.) The Look : Wrap Skirt

wrap skirts womens wrap skirt


Another girly option the wrap skirt. Yes I mean with a bow, and if you’re asking my opinion the bigger the bow the better. I think this is such a cute take on the traditional skirt. A lot of these options show leg if you so dare. This is perfect for those who claim that they like to wear skirts, but are not that tall. By exposing the leg you feel less like you’re swimming in fabric and more of the hottie that you are. I love to see these all over the ‘gram on holidays at the beach or worn with a little stiletto out to dinner.

Shop Wrap Skirts here:

J.O.A. Flounced Wrap Skirt, Main, color, LAVENDER DOTTED BAKER LONDON Aleyxa Belted Wrap Skirt, Main, color, KHAKIKNOW ONE CARES Leopard Print Maxi Skirt, Main, color, LEOPARDiconVINCE CAMUTO Ruffled Faux Wrap Skirt, Main, color, CORAL SUNSET











Finally, you have made it all the way down here and you deserve an applause.


Have I totally converted you into a skirt gal yet?

Everything above should prepare you to absolutely slay this summer.


Nasty Gal Canada


Shop Everyday skirt looks
Shop Everyday skirt looks
Shop Everyday skirt looks
Shop Everyday skirt looks


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