Accent Wall Trend | How to Nail this Style

Learn how to create a statement wall in your space

I decided to write a post about accent walls after so much feedback from my ombre wall. I did it a few years ago and honestly think it holds up to the test of time. Now, this trend has come back in full force with tons of new inventive ways for design enthusiasts to get involved!

After scouring Pinterest for ages, I bring you a round up of some of the cutest accent wall or statement wall ideas around. Additionally, I will answer what the look is and the best way to achieve a statement wall for your own living space.

Learn how to create a statement wall in your space
Statement walls are the focal point of any room.

What is a Statement Wall?

A statement wall (or an accent wall) is a wall in your room that features a different color or pattern from the rest of the walls. Typically, you can achieve this with paint, wallpaper or wood. If you are feeling extra bold with your interiors, something textured like stucco (cement or plaster) can also do the trick. The idea of using a different accent wall can add texture, interest, or warmth to a space that is otherwise uniform.

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Vera Casagrande discusses Herringbone Statement walls
A Herringbone design comes in many forms. Just look at these stenciled wall designs for the living room.

1.) Herringbone Statement Wall

Herringbone describes a V-shaped weave found in fancy twill coats. It also resembles the bones of a fish such as a herring (the more you know!!). This design has been popular for years in fashion. Again, it’s no wonder when applied to home decor it gives the same “pop”. This design is easily achieved with paint, and I have also seen it with wood for those DIYers that are more brave (and skilled).

Whether you apply a DIY large wall stencil or shiplap wood to the task your result will be a modern masterpiece. Here are some examples of Herringbone statement walls

  • Herringbone Design using Large Wall Stencil with Paint 

Create your own Stencil or purchase one on Amazon! Here are some of my favorite stencils and materials to help you achieve this look.

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  • Herringbone Design using Reclaimed Barn wood or Shiplap Wood

I’m super impressed by this blogger’s Step by Step process to achieve the Herringbone Accent Wall style using reclaimed wood from her back yard! Using Shiplap is the more difficult way to apply this look, but well worth it upon completion!



Brush stroke accent wall painted by hand.
Looking for a unique accent wall? The Brush stroke is a free form of painting and incredibly easy to try yourself!

2.) Brush Stroke Accent Wall

This is such a cute and simple design. Again, you will probably need some patience, but it seems as if it’s the kind of accent wall that is terribly difficult to mess up. The strokes are random and applied in different lengths. For beginners, I think this is a super fun way to spice up a bathroom or kid’s room.

The best tip for a Brush Stroke effect is making it uniform, but random. For example, you can be consistent with the direct of the stroke, however, you can modify the size of the brush strokes creating some wider mixed with some thinner brush strokes. There are some really great stencils on Amazon that makes this super simple for the DIY types.

I really think this is a great way to cover large wall if you don’t have the head for applying wall paper yourself.

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Try a wallpaper accent wall with this blog post tutorial.
Choosing wall paper can be easy. Start with colors and patterns that make you feel great!

3.) Wall Paper Accent Wall

The possibilities here are literally endless. From detailed murals to subtle patterns, there are so many gorgeous accent wall wallpapers around the internet. I would say to begin with the wall paper pattern that you’re drawn to (you can choose a smaller wall if you’re feeling uneasy).  This is a great way to highlight architectural details in the home or walls that are set back or deeper. One could also use a wall paper accent wall to “break up” 4 walls painted the same color. I have included some of my favorite bold patterns.

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Ombre Accent Walls for living rooms.
Ombre walls create a “shade” from one color to another.

4.) Ombre Accent Wall

Having some experience creating an ombre accent wall, I will say the bonus here is that you can keep creating it to your liking and can take your time to deepen, or lighten for the desired effect.

What is Ombre color?

Derived from the french word of “shade” or “shading”. I have seen the use of ombre technique on walls, fingernails, and even an ombre hair color. For this meaning, an ombre accent wall usually consists of 3-5 parts of the wall that you will typically blend to create a range of color that “blends” gradually. This can be achieved with wallpaper or DIY with paint. If that seems too confusing, there are tons of great wallpaper, wall decals and stencils that will help you get a desired effect.

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Learn how to create a geometric accent wall.
Modern and clean are the hallmarks of geometric design.

5.) Geometric Accent Wall

You’re going to need some tape and patience with this one. Geometric Accent walls are a great DIY weekend project. Choose some extra colors in the same range for a super futuristic look. Additionally, I have included some geometric stencils that give a similar effect.

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Two tone Half painted walls for the living room.
The half painted wall is the lazy girls guide to great style.

6.) The Half Painted Wall

Put up some masking tape, paint only above it, or below it. Or to either side! Ta-da! A Half Painted accent wall! This is an easy way to add a splash of bold to any room. Be strategic with your tape placement to pack a punch of interest.



How to choose a Statement Wall

As with anything, choosing will be a matter of taste and decor. If you plan to do this as a first timer, I may suggest something easy. The brush stroke accent wall or half painted wall as they are the most simple to achieve. If you have the time and patience Wall paper may be the right move. I have yet to try wall papering, however, I think it’ll drive me insane if I were to misalign the paper.