5 Ways to Upgrade Your Wellness Routine

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Wellness Routine

I’m so excited because it’s almost fall and I’ve got the some amazing tips here that will level up your wellness routine. (We all could use a bit more pampering, right?)

Looking to take your self-care to a whole new level and feel rejuvenated, glowing, and full of energy? Look no further than NAO Wellness Center, which provides services, products, and expert guidance in their gorgeous West Village facility.

You’ll feel pampered and polished with these 5 upgrades to your Wellness Routine:

1. Infrared Sauna (with chromotherapy):  An incredibly relaxing way to burn major calories, release toxins on a cellular level, and heal your body from the inside out. Thermotherapy + color/light therapy has many benefits including weight loss support, reducing joint pain, pre and postnatal support, boosting mood, energy, and more!

2.  Dry Brushing– not only great for exfoliation, dry brushing supports the Lymphatic System, which carries metabolic waste out of the body!  This promotes detoxification, circulation, and glowing skin. Grab a brush pre-sauna, dry brush towards the heart, and start sweating!

3.  Non-Toxic Products- Intelligent Nutrients is a luxurious and non-toxic hair and skin care brand that’s gluten free, refreshing, and as clean as it gets!  Sauna goers at NAO are encouraged to take a cold refreshing shower after their hot sauna for added skin care, mood enhancement, and immune boosting benefits.  Rinsing off with non-toxic beauty and cold water therapy will ensure you leave cleansed post sweat session.

4.  Collagen- Before you leave, be sure to grab a container or to-go packets of Further Food’s Pure Collagen powder. 1 scoop a day of their pure clean protein helps you to lose weight, heal the gut, build stronger bones and joints, and gives you youthful, glowing skin, hair, and nails! The tasteless powder can be added to any hot or cold beverage throughout the day for all the glorious benefits!

5. Reiki: Don’t forget to schedule and experience the immense benefits of Reiki: an ancient, hands-on healing technique for both mind and body. Reiki healing reduces stress and anxiety, relieves pain, clears negative habits, promotes cellular rejuvenation, and enhances your capacity to love.  Our Reiki specialists provide one to one and group energetic healing support.

contact the nao wellness center:

Website: http://naowellness.com

Email: nikki@naonutrition.com

Address: 28 West 12th Street, Lower Level · New York, NY 10011 · 646.830.4423

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