Home Decor Ideas When Your Space Needs An Update

Home decor items in the interior of the room

The Amazon home decor department is brimming with fun, colorful and vibrant products that help you bring your space together.

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who loves to decorate, or just needs a little more sparkle or color in their life, these are great items to consider.

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You can also check out my Amazon livestreams on how I decorate my house using Amazon’s home decor items.

I’ve included links to the products, which can be found on Amazon.

Warm living room with lamp



This light fixture makes for a great lamp in any room. You can adjust the direction and intensity of the lights and has a nice industrial feel. Or, pick up a seasonal sunlight lamp,  [amazon link=”B01IU9MMPI” title=”like this one from Circadian Optics -sold on Amazon.” /]

[amazon box=”B0794G2JKZ,B078YR2WYQ” grid=”2″]

Wall Mirror
Round Hallway Wall Mirror



Wall Mounted Wall Decor: Amazon has a variety of wall mounted art and decor pieces that can add a fun and modern style to any room.  There are mirrors, hanging plants and more to choose from.

[amazon box=”B07LCZ39XV,B081Z5TZSM” grid=”2″]

Wall mountable shelves :This is another great way to add some extra elements in your room without taking up too much space at the same time, and it also gives you a chance to personalize your room even more if you chose different decorative accessories for your mantel piece.

[amazon box=”B0849NW7X5,B06Y4YKGFW” grid=”2″]

Gallery Wall Decor: Amazon has a huge selection of wall decor pieces to adorn your walls.

[amazon box=”B08DHGCRLL,B07TYHQ81J,B081QX25YV” grid=”3″]

Mirror: Amazon has an incredible selection of mirrors.

[amazon box=”B07M6K8RG4,B077JM4VLP,B079J39XXB,B00EV5AT6A” grid=”4″]

Wall mounted TV : Watch tv and movies on a bigger screen. This is the perfect solution if you have a larger TV but don’t want it to take up too much space in your living room area. It offers an elegant look.

And if you don’t have enough space for a big TV, then this small wall mountable TV stand is a great alternative solution! Keep your home organized with a wall mounted tv stand for watching tv and movies on a bigger screen!

[amazon box=”B00KY054BG,B00RH46PDS,B00KXTZ3BE” grid=”3″]


Bedside / End Tables

Bedside table for reading lights. Whether you’re reading a book or watching tv, adding a bedside table with reading lights is an easy way to add some extra lighting without using up much space at all. Plus, this kind of bedside table also gives you more room when you need to leave your book or remote behind when getting ready in the morning.

Shop All Luxurious Bed Sheets On Amazon

[amazon box=”B08CDSBPPK,B06XCQ2FCL,B07TMJ6GVH” grid=”3″]

Pillows & Mattress:

Tired of poor neck support in your current bed? Amazon has tons of options for you to find the perfect pillow for your sleep position. I go in depth into my favorite three memory foam pillows in this blog post.

Wall Art

Pictures, prints and frames are all great ways to enhance the look of your home. I’ve assembled a list of my favorite Amazon art posters that can be used in my living room, bedroom or kitchen.

[amazon box=”B08DHGCRLL,B07TYHQ81J,B081QX25YV” grid=”3″]

Clean Modern Kitchen : Hanging Pendant Light
Clean Modern Kitchen : Hanging Pendant Light


Bowls: If you’re looking for some cute bowls to spruce up your kitchen, this set from Dowan is perfect! It comes with a slight curved edge and would look adorable on any kitchen countertop!

Sweese Porcelain Bowls

[amazon box=”B000PG9BZO,B000WABA0W,B07CHSWDN9″ grid=”3″]

Kitchen island. It’s the best way to add some extra seating area to your kitchen and free up space by creating a divider between the kitchen and dining room areas. As long as you don’t use it for too many activities (eating, cooking or entertaining) you can make it feel like it’s not in the way at all.

Kitchen Cart With Stainless Steel Top


Garbage + Recycling:

[amazon box=”B00VXULPTQ”]

Stools / Dining Chairs:

[amazon box=”B000MWFD3U,B08PBNQQYV,B0764MMTKZ” grid=”3″]


Homeowners, renters, and business owners alike know that clutter can be frustrating. The best storage solutions can help you handle your storage problems.

While you’re at it, upgrading your cleaning tools is the essential first step to any cleaning project. Here’s a top rated handheld vacuum cleaner for the job.

I also included a few of my favorite amazon storage items for you to check out below:

Storage Unit:

[amazon box=”B0756M8RK1,B006WYUQDY,B0786MTYDD” grid=”3″]


[amazon box=”B07W8SN1KD”]


Some accessories can really turn up the charm in any room. I’ve found on Amazon that you can use in your home:

Doormats / Entryway Decor:

[amazon box=”B0786BN4WY,B07TWJ6Z73″ grid=”2″]

Planters :

[amazon box=”B077H5KVSJ,B085PXGLYH,B07T1VWHDQ” grid=”3″]

Pillow Sets :

Pillows are a must have and memory foam has stolen my heart. I go into detail about the best mattresses, mattress toppers, bed and bedding in my Bedroom Essentials post. Casper is the best in business when it comes to luxurious memory foam everything for sleep.

[amazon box=”B08NWJD654,B07S7NJJRZ” grid=”2″]

Shop All Luxurious Bed Sheets On Amazon

Bring a little bit of extra style to your place. There are so many options out there, but there are certain items that I like to see in every home.

There are too many goodies to go through! But, these are my personal favorites on Amazon. I’ve also included some items that I don’t use all the time but absolutely must have when the time comes. If you like this list, be sure to check out my other lists on my Amazon storefront.

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