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Head Scarf, Bandana and Bow Hairstyle | 25 Hair Ideas

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Mastering The Head Scarf and Bow Hairstyle


The head scarf, bandana, head wrap, hair wrap – whatever you call it, these hair accessories aren’t going anywhere this summer. 

I originally wrote this blog post three years ago and these hair accessories are steadily becoming more and more popular. 

As the temperatures peak and heat rises all the girls are reaching for the most luxurious silk scarves to wrap in their hair and …. gasp! 


The silk scarf can also be repurposed as a super cute top for summer!


Don’t you love when your favorite fashion accessory can take many forms? 

With all the waste happening in the fashion industry, I’m here for the multi-use of the silk scarf.

And if you’re not ready to twist yours into a sexy crop top, you’re in luck, because the silk scarf for hair trend is super easy to accomplish as well. 


First things first, you’re going to need a luxurious, high-quality scarf (or twilly)


You can find these bags at Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue or tons of styles on Amazon. 

These summer styles go from beach to dinner effortlessly.


Silk Twilly

Shop All Silk Scarves and Twillys

I recently found out that long silk scarves that resemble tails are called twillies! 

Isn’t that fun? 

You can tie them to your designer handbag handle to give it a pop of color or to bring some color into your outfit.

Of course, same goes for using them in your hair.


Designer Silk Scarves

Where to shop for chic accessories:

There are so many beautifully crafted designer twillys and scarves from couture houses like Givenchy, Fendi, Burberry and more

These legacy brands have been working with silk for decades and create stunning works of art for women to wear. 

I was looking around at silk accessories at the Salvatore Ferragamo boutique in Miami Bal Harbor Shops and they had the most beautiful Scrap Book Print Silk Scarf inspired by the original artwork of Salvatore Ferragamo.


Scrap Book Print Silk Scarf



Large graphics on the scarf or twilly translate really well when tied up in the hair or tied to your bag handle.

Be sure to grab bold graphic prints with bright colors like yellows, oranges, greens and blues. 

While this fashion can be found at high end designers, for something unique try Etsy.

Handmade creations on Etsy are a big summer style trend right now.


Easy Summer Hairstyles For Women

Silk scarves are the perfect accessory for any vacation. 

I never leave home without my Free People Bandana.

It’s excellent for third day hair or when you’re looking for something easy to just throw up and still look chic.

The colorful designs can peak out of your hair and quickly jazz up any simple fit.

Otherwise, I wear this look a lot in the summertime when it is super warm outside. My hair tends to go frizzy very easily so with a little bit of sea salt spray and a breathable lightweight silk scarf effortlessly manage in the heat and create a chic and colorful messy bun.

I have been finding tons of inspiration lately over on Pinterest and linked some down below.

It’s easier than ever to work silk into your regular topknot, braid, or ponytail! 


If you’re looking for something easy to just throw up and still look chic.

This  hair accessory is easy going, bohemian and relaxed which makes it an all star for third day hair or when you’re on vacation and can’t be bothered to do your hair. 


Try these Easy Summer Hair Styles with A Scarf.



Easy hairstyles are popular during the summer when we want our hair off our shoulders. I personally have super thick hair and it makes me sweat if it’s down in the heat. I love to reach for easy hairstyles.

Looking chic has never been easier with these super cute oversized 100% silk scarves I found on Amazon.

This summer look is complete with oversized glasses and hair tied in a loose scarf pony.

Silk Scarf For Hair

Easy Summer Hairstyles


You’ll find tons of different headband styles, bandana and scarf lengths on Amazon.

Throw a long extra large scarf in a bun for a casual summer look. Or go for a more bohemian looking bow with long tails using a twilly!


In my pursuit for the perfect hair accessory, I have found that going for the silk bandana that is long and slender (almost like a men’s tie) makes for a perfectly droopy long bow. 

Because I’m obsessed with the character Marge in the movie The Talented Mr. Ripley.


Additionally, you can wrap the bandana around the bun, braid or topknot and make a more gathered look.

I am not a big fan of the scrunchie with tails, I can never seem to get those right.

Yet, I have included those below also as so many retailers have so many cute ones!


Pro Tip : Go for pattern in a extra large scarf! When you twist it up into a crop top it will look great in a macro print or bold colors!

Silk Scarf Tops

Easy Summer Hairstyles

Did I mention silk bandanas can be turned into silk scarf tops?


Try These Looks


Whether you are hitting the beaches this summer or just relaxing at home, this oh so cute long length scarf by FarmRio will add bohemian flare to any outfit.

Leaving long tails from your scarf for drama or fitting it into a messy bun – this look does not disappoint! I cannot wait to see how you style them! Shop some Cute Head Scarf and Bow Accessories On Amazon!