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Head Scarf, Bandana and Bow Hairstyle | 25 Hair Ideas

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The Head Scarf and Bow Hairstyle

This Head Scarf, Bandana, and Bow hairstyle trend is super easy to accomplish as you just throw it into your regular topknot, braid, or ponytail! This look is great for beginners.

I never leave for vacation without my Free People Hair Scarf .


It’s excellent for third day hair or when you’re looking for something easy to just throw up and still look chic.

I want to give you tons of headband and hair bow inspiration in this post. You’ll find different headband styles, bandana and scarf lengths head scarf tying inspiration! Throw a headscarf in a bun for a casual summer look. Or go for a more bohemian looking bow with long tails!

Personally, I wear this look a lot in the summertime when it is super warm outside. My hair tends to go frizzy very easily so with a little bit of sea salt spray and a hair bow it is effortlessly managed in the heat and acceptably “messy” for when I am out and about. You know what I’m talking about.

In my pursuit for the perfect bow, I have found that going for the silk bandana that is long and slender (almost like a men’s tie) makes for a perfectly droopy long bow. Because everyone wants to look as cute as Marge in the movie The Talented Mr. Ripley.

Additionally, you can wrap the bandana around the bun, braid or topknot and make a more gathered look. I am not a big fan of the scrunchie with tails, I can never seem to get those right, yet, I have included those below also as so many retailers have so many cute ones!

Go for pattern! This accessory looks great with a micro print or bold colors!

Talented Mr ripley Marge Hairstyle


Easy Hair Styles with a Head Scarf!

Summer outfit complete with oversized sunglasses, large earrings, and a hair scarf tied in the hair.
This summer look is complete with oversized glasses and hair tied in a loose scarf pony.


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How to Style hair with a Scarf + Bandana

A boho head scarf style includes a braid with a bandana tied into it.

If you’re curious on how to achieve a look with a hair scarf, you can follow along this youtube video tutorial.

Find the Best Scarf Ponys for any look

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Shop Multi Use Bandanas for Head scarf and Bow Hairstyles


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If you like this look, I suggest pairing it with Dainty Jewelry Accessories as I have outlined in this post. Whether you are hitting the beaches this summer or just relaxing at home this oh so cute and accessible style is a swoon worthy bohemian flare to any outfit. Leaving long tails from your scarf for drama or fitting it into a messy bun – this look does not disappoint!

I cannot wait to see how you style them!

Shop some Cute Head Scarf and Bow Accessories below.


hair scarf accessories
hair scarf accessories

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