7 Tips for Hosting the Perfect Summer House Party

7 Tips for Hosting the Perfect Summer House Party

Want to throw one of those parties that people talk about for the rest of the year? Host your best ever event this summer by following these tips that guarantee a memorable (and Instagrammable) house party! The theme of my recent party was a Gemini Theme, perfect for celebrating the coming summer and Gemini season.


Start Strong With a Great Invitation

Your invite sets the tone for the event, so take a little time! Whether you’re doing something simple via text or a Facebook event, the invitation will set the tone. Laid-back events work great with a succinct Facebook event with a fun header image, or take your party up a notch with fun invites like this one:

I actually used a great website called Paperless Post that helps create super unique digital invitations that collect RSVP’s and emails of guests so that you can email them if anything changes. I thought it was awesome for organization and the digital age.

No one wants a party to get out of hand, so be clear on your expectations in the invite. Let people know what the dress code is, if they should bring anything, and what your policy on guests is. If your place is small, you may want people to run guests by you. Or go for a fun, free-spirited event with a more-the-merrier attitude. Just be sure you’re specific!


Have a Theme

Speaking of specifics, nothing takes a house party from good to great like a theme. From bohemian elegance to Christmas in July parties, themed parties let everyone get their kitsch on in the best possible way. Plus, it’s also a great excuse to bust out a new outfit. If you’re really unsure of a theme, I suggest finding that one dress in your closet that you love but never think you’ll get to wear, and then theme the party around it. Summer vintage prom dress party, anyone?


Pick the Right Beverages

No contest, summer has some of the best drinks. Lemonade, root beer floats, and sparkling wine all complement the season and work great at parties. Try giving your party a “signature drink” that you offer to all your guests. It’s a great jumping-off point for conversations, and you can find some really fun recipes on Pinterest. Bonus points if you use pretty glasses to up your presentation game!

For this Gemini themed event, I opted for an off-dry rosé from our sponsor Maison Marcel.

Just because it’s a house party doesn’t mean it has to happen inside your house. Backyard events with Christmas lights are a great way to enjoy the nice weather, and if you can make it happen safely, rooftop parties are a massive crowd-pleaser. Be sure to have a backup plan if the weather turns on you!


Don’t Forget Seating

Especially in the early hours of a party, your guests may end up sitting in groups enjoying casual conversation and making new friends. Having ample seating is really important, especially if your guests will be wearing heels. But don’t think that you need to set up chairs in a circle! Bean bags, rugs on the ground, and benches all work well as party seating.


Take Photos!

Remember that parties are almost as fun to remember as they are to host, so be sure to take lots of pictures to mark the occasion. And don’t forget to make someone take some of you, too!

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