Best 5 Indoor Plants For your First Apartment

Best 5 Indoor Plants For your First Apartment

Best Indoor Plants for Apartments

Indoor Plants For Home and Bedroom

Are you looking to spruce up your space with indoor plants?

Here are the best five indoor plants for your first apartment! These are the easiest plants to take care of and very hard to kill. I love this list because they’re easy, interesting and of course super cute to add to any desk, table top, corner, vanity or kitchen counter!

If I had it my way, I would have rooms filled with plants. However, it already feels that I spend SO much time watering them! In due time….

Here is a round up of my favorite indoor plants for the home!



Small Cactus on a table with a pink background


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2. SNAKE PLANT or Mother In Law’s Tongue

Snake Plant in a dark pot



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Fiddle Leaf Fig in a Cement Grey pot


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4. PHILODENDRON or Monstera Deliciosa or Swiss Cheese Plant

Monstera Deliciosa in a White pot


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5. Rubber Tree

A Rubber Tree in a White pot


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What size indoor plant do I need?

Whenever shopping for the space, consider size needs and measure accordingly. I like to use a tape measure to check that I have the space for a potted plant with a diameter the listed size (they can be very deceptive whenever ordering online). Don’t forget to check the height of the plant, and how it will grow over time. My Monstera, for example has gotten extremely wide over time with leaves growing more outward than up, I have needed to move him from his original spot.


Don’t forget to style those walls. I wrote a handy little article about the topic in my blog post The Ultimate Guide to Gallery Walls .

best plants for home and bedroom
best indoor plants
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