Black Leather Boots for Women under $200

Black Leather Boots for Women under $200

Black Leather Boots for Women

Shop the latest designer leather boots for women

The designer black leather boot or shoe is a staple in any women’s closet. Their presence in the fashion community stretches from Instagram to Fashion Blogs worldwide.  Ask any trendy gal from New York to LA how many pairs of leather boots or designer leather shoes they have in their closet.

My guess is at least a few pairs. I know I’m totally a culprit of this. I must have at least 4-5 pairs of leather boots with different heel heights and reasons for wear.

A shorter heel is great for running around the city. Meanwhile, a higher heel is great for a night out with my girlfriends. These are a must for any closet and wonderful to have when in a pinch to pair with a lot of outfits. Here are some of my favs.




Easy to throw on leather shoes for school or work are my favorite shoe to reach for when I’m feeling a bit lazy. These Black Leather Boots for women go with 99% of outfits and once worn in, they are super comfortable to wear for walking! These are the best leather shoes under $200 that I could find! Elevate your back to school this fall with these cute boots + shoes!

Best yet, Black leather boots are year round and can be worn for years and years! I love to throw on some boots with a dress, paired with jeans and a sweater or even shorts and an over sized rocker t shirt.

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