C Table | The Perfect Living Room End Table

C Table | The Perfect Living Room End Table

C Table Laptop Table and End Tables for the Living Room

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Why Do I need a C Table End Table?

Introducing the C Table:

Whenever decorating the apartment I like to look online for inspiration. At first, while searching for the perfect corner table for my apartment’s living room, I came across a number of could-be contenders. These were tables of all materials and shapes. I thought any of them would make a fine addition to my home. I had to consider what piece would stand the test of time and be purposeful.


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I love to lounge and look at my laptop as any proper Millennial would, and I came across the C Table. Also known as the Laptop Table, this little end table is the perfect “C” shape to sit neatly in the corner with a plant or to place my evening glass of wine. It can hover over the couch, for placing remotes or for food delivery orders when I’m feeling lazy.

Finally, I must tell you how this is the most impressive piece of furniture I have ever come by. Great for the end of the couch or to hover halfway through. They come in a variety of colors and materials. Choose to use it in the living room or next to the bed in the master.

The C- Table is the perfect living room accessory for those seeking a dual purpose piece. It’s part laptop table, remote stand, or dinner stand. It serves as a laptop table stand for whenever you’re using the computer from the couch (let’s be honest how frequent this is) and can transform into a suitable end table when pushed to any corner of the room.


Can a C Table replace an End Table?

Here are some images to inspire your interior designing! Be sure to choose one tall enough to fit over the couch and your lap to maximize it’s utility and comfort. 🙂


c tablec tablec table couch table c table c table laptop table


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