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Grazing Table: A No Fail Food Masterpiece

Grazing Table Party Table

Grazing Table Party Table


A few weeks back I was hosting a party for my boyfriend’s birthday and we were expecting a large number of guests to pass by over the course of a few hours. With people coming in and out at varies times it was difficult to plan what hour to order the food and when to have it arrive in time for *most* of the people to be there.

I took to Pinterest in search for food displays, different snacks and ways that I could house some snack foods on trays while guests came through the party. What I came across was something unexpected and actually became the highlight of the party! This is like the best charcuterie board meets standing buffet.

Food presentation

The Grazing Table 

This was the first time I (or my guests – we’re from the US) had seen anything like it, and from my research the idea seems to come from Australia. Either way, the grazing table is HEAPS of fun to put together and made my dinner party a smash hit as people stayed longer lingering for hours taking from the table and munching! I love to keep my guests happy and this takes the pressure off of serving everyone as they can enjoy at their own speed!


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The Grocery List : What to Buy for your Ultimate Party Spread

Grocery List of items purchased.

Goat Cheese
Mozzarella balls

Genoa Salami
Olives – variety of different color olives
Peppers stuffed with cheese (can be found on olive bar)

Bread –

Variety of bread loafs

baguettes (sliced into pieces)

Tuscan style loaf
Chocolate – get a bar of your favorite chocolate – I love Salted Chocolate
Pretzel Sticks

Crackers – Rosemary, Pepper, Salted

Red Grapes

Dried Apricots

Cherry Tomatoes
Bell Peppers
Cornichons – Little Green Pickles

Red Pepper Hummus
Garlic Hummus
Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Whole Seed Mustard
Dijon Mustard
Honey / Agave

Ornaments (Depending on Theme or Time of year)

Small Candles


Magnolia Branches


Flowers placed in a cup

Potted Plants (Small) I take these from around the house.

Small Flowers such as Roses, Baby’s Breath, Lavender

BROWN PAPER** – A Must have – A little secret I use my Trader Joes bags or Whole Foods bags.

Check out my Amazon Store List to see more decorations and needs for this table!


Creating this Large Charcuterie in Steps

Grazing Table Party Table


Step 1 : Prep the Space and Table.

Clear off a table you intend to use. First, I rip off the handles of my Trader Joes (or Whole Foods ) bags and lay them down flat (without the logo visible).

I like to position my plates, trays, cups, saucers and napkins first. Spread them out across the table at different distances and heights. Heights add depth to your completed grazing table so be sure to perch some trays or plates a little higher than others. You can then “tuck” napkins under the trays so that they are easy to grab for guests.


Grazing Table Party Table


Step 2 : Laying out Dry Goods in the Food Presentation

Next, I like to lay out some crackers, dry goods, and meats. Take your time spreading crackers delicately around the trays and plates you have set. Place pretzel sticks or bread sticks in a cup so that they stand upright. Slowly add from the center of the table outward using different dry foods to create a colorful medley. Place different colors next to one another to really *pop*. Leave room for the colder foods like cheese and veggies.

Now is a good time to position or stage the decorations for the table. This can include flowers in cups, candles (don’t light them just yet), wreaths, small pumpkins, garland,  and flowers!

Grazing Table Party Table


Step 3 Lay Out Cold Party Snacks

Clean all of your veggies and chop them in to small pieces. Make sure you take your time and cut all of the cheeses into small grabbable pieces as well. Except for Brie, which should be left alone in a circle with an accompanying knife. Add veggies and cheeses in last. I like to keep a partial batch in the fridge in tupper ware for later. If during the party, the table is looking low – you can “fill” in places that need extra from this secret batch.



Step 4 Finishing Touches on the Party Platter

Add the finishing touches on your grazing table by lighting candles (beware that they don’t set any papers or decor on fire). I like to go over and add spoons to any dips that need it and lay out my cutlery, forks, knives or plates in a snack neatly on the corner so that guests can grab them easily. Place wines and glasses in a place they won’t be knocked over, but are easy to hand to guests as they arrive.

And you’re done! Don’t forget to wear something chic and host your heart out.