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Dainty Jewelry: Crush this Accessories Trend

dainty necklaces, delicate rings

jewelry stacking trend, ring stacking, dainty rings, delicate rings, bangles

Dainty Jewelry is an exciting subset in accessories stacking. I have been watching this dainty jewelry trend for sometime now and am really intrigued by how women are owning this trend. For those who are looking to get busy with accessories, especially oh so cute rings and delicate necklaces now is your time to shine.

For the arm-party enthusiasts or the inner dainty jewelry hoarder. Here is your guide to perfectly layered jewelry style. Huffington Post also did a great gif-overload article on the essence of jewelry stacking. There is really no way to go wrong with this trend.

This guide will not be for the weak of heart. This is a guide for some seriously badass necklace layering, stacking rings, and how to style stacked bracelets and everything else. I’ve compiled some designers that are absolutely crushing it. I have tailored this post into the where, the how and the with-who, however, I may add that doing all of the below at once could make you look like a bedazzled Iris Apfel. I wouldn’t advise stacking on all fronts, but I am also not stopping you, either.

Go big with your accessories. Let’s go!

Go Gold, Baby!

Image result for austin powers goldmember gif

In the words of Goldmember, “I love gooolllldd!”  And jewelry is no exception.

I am currently wanting to only reach for gold pieces so a lot of these images are geared towards that. A lot of this post also applies to different metals!

Fun Little Pieces for Earring Stacking 

I’m not the tattooing-type so I save what would be for tattoo sleeves for the fine world of earring stacking. Earrings have come a looooong way since your mom had to take you to the Claire’s earring parlor at your local mall. And for good reason, we have a plethora of new piercings available to us. Here is a diagram for all of the names for the multitude of piercings available today. Who knew!

stone and strand ear piercings


About six months ago I pulled the trigger on a Rook piercing with the fine ladies of Stone and Strand. It stung me daily for six months before healing, but now, my ears glisten like it’s 1987 and there is no going back. Needless to say, aside from the pain of the piercing, I’m very happy with it!

I’d opt for “going big” on these piercings by looking up a clean tattoo shop or a legit ear-piercing parlor that serves up real gold piercings. This piercing gets infected easily so take care of the earring surroundings by washing it in saline solution and follow the guides they give you for care. If you go for the Rook piercing like I did, beware of playing with it (I’m serious!) because if one of the ends unscrew you will have an impossible time (as I did) putting it back in yourself and will have to rush back to the tattoo parlor to have it re-instated (as I did). Learn from me! 

For inspiration on your earring party shop below.

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Dainty Necklace Layering for the Fashion Girl

dainty necklace, delicate rings, bangles


Whether simple necklace stacking 2-3 necklaces at once or going for more, necklace layering is super fun. Pictured above are three necklaces of similar lengths. For more dazzle I would suggest adding a choker around the neck at a shorter length and a longer necklace with a pendant just to increase the drama of your stacking. My personal jewelry layering tip is mixing different lengths, textures, thicknesses of pieces which can make for a more interesting look.

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Delicate Bangles, Bracelets and Cuffs 

dainty rings, delicate rings, bangles


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Fine Jewelry Ring Stacking and mixing metals

dainty necklaces, delicate rings

These rings came from a Brooklyn based designer, In Arms, and perfectly displays how layering rings on different fingers and diversifying the weight across fingers can make for a super cute combination. The two rings on my first finger are actually two separate rings that interlock. I would love to add some smaller rings between my first and second knuckle as well.

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Delicate Necklaces can be Layered and Personalized with custom stones

dainty necklaces, delicate rings

Custom Birth Stone Necklaces and Gold Pendant Necklaces really make this Dainty Jewelry stack your own.

Add some of that cool girl factor to your stack with interesting designs shapes and weights. Delicate necklaces when layered together can make a fun and busy stack. I am a big fan of the simple gold pendant and choker.

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Tangle Up those Necklaces for an edgy look.

In my experience, messy tangled jewelry or necklaces can be look. Whether you’re a biker bae or you’ve just worn these necklaces for years around your neck the messing together of chains breeds the look of sleeping in your pieces. I am into it. I think this look makes for an effortless don’t-care dainty jewelry combination. 

Or Detangle your Necklaces with this Product! 

Lastly, if you’re looking for more of a clean looking solution, you can use a layered necklace detangler! I get it, wearing 10 necklaces at one time is already an overwhelming endeavor. For the inner Type – A personality I would opt for this incredible Amazon buy! It’s easy to throw on behind your neck and gives the illusion of you having your life (or mainly your jewelry stack) together. Great, right?



Investing in long term jewelry pieces is a big choice. I am currently working on building out my “forever” jewelry arsenal by slowing taking in more dainty jewelry pieces as I come across them. It’s a slow process, and much like furnishing a home, it’s always in rotation when we move around and change out some pieces. I’m personally a gold & rose gold fan as that’s what looks nicest on my skin tone (and makes me look tanner!), however, I could see some silver making it’s way in if the right outfit calls for it.

Looking for more Summer Style to pair with your pieces? Check out this article on Daring Swimwear to rock this summer.