Amazon Growth Partner – MAX – Livestreams + Videos

$598.00 / month

Enjoy the benefits my long-term clients love to use.

Here I include as many company products as many times as I can throughout the month on all idea lists, photos, videos + livestreams. 

Gain maximum benefit from going unlimited, get many products featured many times!

1.Create Recurring Monthly Shoppable Content Of Products On Amazon

  • Unlimited Company Product Inclusion on Unlimited Idea Lists
  • Unlimited Company Product Inclusion In Unlimited Shoppable Photos
  • Unlimited Company Product Inclusion In Unlimited Shoppable Videos
  • Unlimited Company Product Inclusion In Amazon Storefront
  • Unlimited Company Products Featured On Unlimited Amazon Live Stream Videos
  • Live Demonstrations Of Products On Amazon Channel

2. Data + Reporting

  • Established monthly data reports
  • Feedback on products and sales performance
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