Luxurious Ski Resort For Beginners To Fall In Love With

Luxurious Ski Resort For Beginners To Fall In Love With

Mont Tremblant Travel First Time Ski
Mont Tremblant is a wonderful ski resort for beginners. The resort provides easy access to ski lifts and beginner runs.

Your Ultimate Guide to an East Coast Ski Vacation at Mont Tremblant

If you’re on the hunt for a beginner-friendly ski resort on the east coast or simply brainstorming family vacation ideas, Mont Tremblant in Canada is your premiere yet still affordable destination. My first skiing experience here proved that even first-timers can find joy in the slopes without breaking the bank. Let’s dive into the top reasons why Mont Tremblant Village is a must-visit for your next ski trip. . This is the premiere yet still affordable east coast ski vacation!

Discover Mont Tremblant: A Beginner-Friendly Ski Haven

If you’re seeking a ski resort for beginners on the east coast or just brainstorming family vacation ideas then, read on. I recently had the pleasure to visit Mont Tremblant in Canada for my first time skiing! This affordable ski destination was a 8 hour drive from Ne York City and a quick flight for my friends. We were looking for cheap ski resorts where I could take a beginner ski lesson and this did not disappoint! Here are some of the top reasons to visit Mont Tremblant Village. Mont Tremblant is a ski resort and village nestled at the base of a mountain named, you guessed it, Mont Tremblant. Opened in 1939 Mont Tremblant has been a world class alpine village for decades. Serving ski lovers from Montreal and overseas alike, this is a great ski resort for beginners and families due to it’s ease, proximity to Montreal and multiple amenities. Book Your Trip Early On Agoda, Options Are Running Out. Located in Quebec, Canada it is a two-hour drive from Montreal which makes it very convenient if you are traveling from New York City or Boston! The ski resort is located 132km outside of Montreal which makes for about a 1.5 hour journey by car or shuttle. Learn how to the best of getting yourself to the resort. With such easy travel times, it’s no wonder this is a hit destination for travelers from Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, New York City, and Boston.
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A Ski Resort for Beginners: Take a Lesson at the Tremblant Ski School

Thinking about taking a ski lesson? I cannot say good enough things about the instructors at the Tremblant Snow School.
The Tremblant Snow School left a lasting impression on me with its highly skilled instructors and variety of lessons catering to all skill levels. From private lessons that offer personalized attention to group sessions perfect for children, the school ensures everyone can find their footing on the snow.
Tremblant Village offers beginner and intermediate ski lessons, as well as an adult ski school for those looking to brush up on their skills before getting back on the slopes. Mont Tremblant is a great ski resort for beginners and experts because there is a variety of terrain and ski lifts. I decided to take the beginner ski lesson and the instructor was very nice and helpful! I highly recommend doing this if you are a beginner skier like I was! They offer a variety of lessons for children, groups, singles, private as well as a range of longer form ski schools for students on break from school. I took a private lesson so that I could maximize my time with the instructor and he was friendly (Canadian!), efficient and quick to get me on the slopes! The instructor provided me with the necessary skill level to conquer first the basics on the bunny hill and later on, we progressed to the mountain! As a beginner skier, I was a little apprehensive about going on the slopes for the first time, but my ski instructor really made me feel at ease. During the lesson he took the time to show me how to properly use my equipment and made sure I was comfortable before releasing me onto the slopes. I saw a lot of children in the group lessons which was a great place to drop off your little ones while the adults ski the mountain. All in all Mont Tremblant is a family friendly and kid friendly vacation spot!
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Hitting the Slopes: What to Expect

The resort prices are reasonable and the longest lift lines were only 15 minutes which is incredible for this popular resort. This luxury ski vacation doesn’t have to break the bank.

Where to Après Ski: Local Food & Bars in Mont Tremblant

Mont Tremblant offers amazing food options so you can enjoy a great meal after exploring the mountain. There are plenty of restaurants offering an array of cuisines including everything from traditional French (for dinner), comfort food (for lunch) or American cuisine (for breakfast). There are also several bars that offer snacks and drinks including hot chocolate, lattes, cappuccinos, wine and Translating to social activities and entertainment following a day’s skiing, you will find tons to do in Mont Tremblant Village. Visit some of the following bars for a relaxing afternoon drink or for a weekend party. College ski trips and couples ski trips rejoice. After a day on the mountain, indulge in Mont Tremblant’s dining scene, featuring an array of cuisines and cozy bars perfect for unwinding.

Relax After Skiing: Blue Mountain Scandinave Spa

Experience the ultimate relaxation at the Scandinave Spa, where a cycle through icy, moderate, and hot pools complements endless sauna options, offering a serene escape, especially during the weekdays.
Once you’re nice and sore from a day of activities test the waters at the Scandinave Spa . This luxurious spa touted a maze of icy, moderate and hot pools which they encouraged to rotate through. I was game to try their endless sauna options after getting through my first ski lesson. Weekends are especially busy. Try to go on a weeknight for utmost serenity. All Guests must be 18 years of age or older to enter the spa. Remember, its a silent spa, so no chatting or cellphones allowed!
Mont Tremblant Travel First Time Ski
Mont Tremblant Travel dog sledding
Mont Tremblant dog sled
Mont Tremblant Travel dog sled
Mont Tremblant Travel dog sled

Family + Beginner Friendly Activities in Mont Tremblant

Mont Tremblant goes beyond skiing with a variety of family-friendly activities:
  • Dog Sledding: A unique 1.5-hour adventure through snowy fields.
  • Cross Country Skiing: Explore nature at your pace on scenic trails.
  • Snowshoeing: Discover trails with a guide, culminating in a fondue dinner in the forest.

Dog Sledding, Ice Climbing, Cross-Country

Just when you think you’ve had enough skiing or snowboarding you can seek out one of the plethora of other activities from the Activities Center. Outside of just a ski resort for beginners Mont Tremblant has tons of family friendly options!

Dog Sledding

I really enjoyed our 1.5 hour long dog sledding adventure! We learned all about the dogs (we got to pet them), depart from camp on our own sleds, cruise through the fields of snow and then switch partners so everyone got a chance to command the sled! This is an adventure surely not to be missed! Enjoy a warm cacao with the instructor afterwards!

Cross-Country Skiin

Cross-country is a great way to stay active as well as take in the gorgeous views. Explore nature at your own pace on one of the many trails.


Check out the snowshoe trails with a guide who can tailor your travels for all levels. After taking in streams, waterfalls and views end with fondue dinner at the heart of the forest.

Where to Stay in Mont Tremblant Village

Choosing the right accommodation is crucial, and Mont Tremblant offers a plethora of options from hotels to condo rentals, ensuring a comfortable stay for all.

Hotels Mont Tremblant Village

A brilliant place to rest and rejuvenate. Staying at any of the luxe hotels offers tons of great additional amenities such as concierge service, restaurant, tennis court, pool, gym, spa and more. Surround yourself with mountain views in these luxurious modern chalets! When it comes to finding an ideal ski resort that is great for beginners, there are a number of criteria that you need to consider. The resort should provide easy access to ski lifts and beginner runs, as well as having efficient and friendly people that will assist those just learning the ropes. Mont Tremblant is one such ski resort which has received great feedback from those who have visited as well as those who live in the surrounding area. It is nestled right in the center of Quebec and has many hotels and condo or house rentals for your family or friends or colleagues to stay. A brilliant place to rest and rejuvenate. Staying at any of the luxe hotels offers tons of great additional amenities such as concierge service, restaurant, tennis court, pool, gym, spa and more. Surround yourself with mountain views in these luxurious modern chalets
Mont Tremblant Travel First Time Ski

Must-See Fun in Mont Tremblant: Casino de Mont Tremblant

Don’t miss the Casino de Mont Tremblant, a hub for entertainment, games, and dining with stunning mountain views.
Located within Mont Tremblant Village is the Casino de Mont Tremblant. Offering an array of games, shows, activities, bar, and restaurant with a sweeping view of the mountain, this is surely not to be missed. Park yourself at the Casino to break from the madness or unwind with an apres cocktail at Altitude Seafood Bar +Grill. If you need help packing for your next couples vacation to Mont Tremblant, I wrote a guide on what to pack for a ski trip. Now that you know of one of the best ski resorts for beginners it’s time for you to hit the slopes!

Mont Tremblant Summary

Mont Tremblant caters to all – from avid skiers and snowboarders to families and beginners. Its affordability, variety of terrain, and English-speaking staff make it a top choice for anyone looking to enjoy the slopes without worry.
If you’re an avid skier or snowboarder, this resort will not disappoint you! They have plenty of terrain for experienced skiers to challenge themselves or beginner skiers to experience the slopes without worrying too much about falling. If you’re looking for a family-friendly ski resort that appeals to everyone, then Mont Tremblant will not let you down! The staff also speak English so that should help out if you don’t understand French. Once again, this place is affordable so it shouldn’t cost much to get your ski lesson here which is another plus! It’s also conveniently located so if there’s ever an issue with transportation back home, it shouldn’t be too difficult to get there by car or plane. This resort is definitely worth your time if you’re seeking a cheap ski resort where you can enjoy some powder on beginner runs.
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