Gallery Walls Ultimate [GUIDE] : Wall Decor Ideas |

December 12, 2018

Gallery Walls Ultimate [GUIDE] : Wall Decor Ideas

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How do I create a Gallery Wall?

Getting gorgeous Gallery Walls in your home is no easy task! I just love scouring near and far for Picture Wall Ideas! The best part is that they can literally come from anywhere. Sometimes I’m inspired by set design in films or when I walk by a vintage shop and have a look around at all of the rare finds! Don’t let me limit your creativity! Here are just some of my favorite places to find inspiration for decorating my walls:

Pinterest: It’s a no brainer. Pinterest is where inspo-craving people of the internet unite to find life hacks, recipes and products! Naturally, art and decor are hot trends on Pinterest! I love to look up old movie posters, modern art, illustrations, photography just to name a few!

Next, create some boards with themes and start saving pins! Then, I like to lay out what could look good together! Pulling different mediums and artistic vibes into a Pinterest board and then removing what doesn’t work is my strategy. Feel free to go wild at this stage! Sometimes I feel that things won’t work together and somehow they magically fall into place and look wonderful side by side!

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gallery walls, picture gallery walls, photo walls

Books: I love buying vintage books from second hand shops. The type and the wear of the pages are really beautiful. Old Advertisements in Playboy, Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue are top trends for me. I occasionally tear out old magazine or book images or collage!

Art Stores:  Another favorite! This is a dying breed, but if you find an art supply store in your town you may be pleasantly surprised to find some gems. I would consider collecting buttons or other nic-nacs they may have available and creating something unique!

Vintage Shopping: Taking my time and carefully sifting through Vintage Stores is a passion of mine. Always go look at the old photos and see if there is anything that could be brought back to life with a new frame or cleaned up a bit! If you’re a vintage hunter like I am vintage stores really are a gold mine as far as one of a kind artwork, interesting prints and whimsical frames! One interesting hand painted painting is a must for every gallery wall!

Old Family Photos and Artwork: Call up Grandma! Old photos are a great add on to your Gallery Wall because it has a piece of your family and lineage! I would add a newer modern frame to older images to keep things fresh and up to date. I love expressive photos of people laughing and smiling so that’s only bettered when the people are your loved ones! I’ll add here that artwork hand made by your little ones can also find its way into a gallery wall when the theme is as fresh and bright as seen below.

gallery walls, picture gallery walls, photo walls

Maps: Vintage Maps have a special place in my heart. I currently live in New York City so I love looking around at old subway maps or early century maps of Manhattan. You could look online for maps of the city you live in or where you’re from! I have a map of Helsinki (the city I was born in) on my living room! I love that its black and white and adds a lot of negative space.

Illustrations: I’m a big fan of minimal or light weight style illustrations. They are feminine and oh so modern. They help balance out imagery that is more “full”on your art wall! I would suggest adding 2-3 pieces that are minimal to your gallery wall to help it appear as one more unified piece. 


Wall Art Ideas and Themes

Hopefully, you’re getting inspired! There are so many fun ways that you can do a gallery wall! You could have 9 symmetrical images neatly hung 3 x 3 or you could have a hodgepodge of new and old frames all art with a variety of styles. Additionally, here are a few ideas of themes to try!



  • Nautical / Beachy
  • Earthy / Natural
  • Bohemian
  • Maximalist
  • Minimalist
  • Nursery / Baby
  • Feminine
  • Modern
  • Masculine



Photo Wall Vs. Gallery Wall

Now this article is the Ultimate Guide to Gallery Walls, but I thought what the heck! Let’s add Photo Walls in as well! Photo Walls differ from Gallery Walls as they rely heavily on photography or family photos. Nothing wrong with that! However, for the sake of this article I want to note that a gallery wall typically includes, but is not limited to:

Photographs, Paintings, Drawings, Mixed Materials, Framed Collections, Postage stamps, relics, unexpected items, real art, fake art and everything in between!




Photo Wall
gallery walls, picture gallery walls, photo walls
Gallery Wall

 Photo Wall Ideas and Beyond

But, don’t feel that you must stay locked into any particular art themes! Remember Gallery Walls look best when you take your time and slowly add to your collection of art. Do not limit your creativity when it comes to adding in pieces. It should be a slow process! I suggest hanging them at different heights and placing mis-matched frames side by side for the most interesting effect. The whole purpose of a gallery wall is to view it all as a larger piece working together! 

Choosing the Right Gallery Wall Frames or Frame Set

I am an absolute frame junkie! Choosing the correct frame is as important as choosing the piece of art. Gold accents are excellent for a slightly feminine look or going clean and white (or black) when looking for a modern twist. I have included some samples in the gallery below that really demonstrate the range of frames from the barely-there to very striking!


 Finally, if you’re looking for a more uniform look. I would suggest a frame set. These are perfect to take on as an easy Saturday project! They come together as a set and make the whole overall feel of your gallery walls look neat! 




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Written By: 

Vera Casagrande

Please note, some of these links are affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I may earn a small commission. This helps me support the blog and allows me to create more awesome free content! I only recommend products that I know and love.
Thank you for the support! 


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