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December 13, 2018

Living Room Wall Decor Ideas Zero Effort

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Where to get home decor ideas for living room


Living room wall decor and interior design is an evolution. Trying what works and what doesn’t takes time and developing your personal sense of style doesn’t happen overnight. I personally love the evolution I’m having in my own living room and have had a chance to live out my Pinterest goddess dreams by slowly and meticulously planning each step! There are just so many different ways to style living room walls. Depending on your age, life stage and functionality / needs. I’m sure this article will have plenty of advice for you. Let’s dive in!

First, when planning your living room wall decor consider the furniture height and how much wall space you have. To do so I love to start on Pinterest. Then, I usually begin by gathering images with furniture similar to mine. Personally, I like to look at the pairings of what I already have versus my aspirations. So I’ll start by filling boards with pins with furniture like “White Mid Century Loveseat” and “White Mid Century Media Console” because that’s what I  already have in my living room!

From there, my creative juices are usually flowing as the wall art in the images paired with my furniture is already gorgeous! I try to pull my favorite ideas into different sub categories that speak to the style or the furniture / accents mentioned.

I create boards and label them according to Style (such as Modern, Feminine, Nautical for example) or Details (such as Mirrors, Accents, Wallpaper) . From there I like to just obsessively pin and review until the end of time! Pinterest is a dream when it comes to finding living room wall decor inspiration!

Seriously, I live on Pinterest and if you aren’t already you should follow me and all of my latest fashion and decor obsessions : here

Vintage Shopping

Next, I love to visit vintage shopping when looking for new living room wall decor. Finding one of a kind pieces that really speak to you or your theme is a dream come true. Keeping an eye out for frames, plant pots, interesting art, or vintage mirrors can add a dash of something exotic to any living room. 

Living + Dining Room Wall Decor : Accents and Details

What are some home decor ideas for living room walls?

Floating Shelves

living room shelves
living room pink couch
living room frames on shelf
living room decor

Another no brainer! Shelves are the perfect addition to any space. In my living room I have shelves that have frames nesting against the wall. This way I can change out the frame or the art any time as well as rotate them to my liking. Shelves give versatility and flexibility to your design choices! I love that you can execute a minimal or a maximalist style depending on your own art collection and tastes.

Large Mirrors

I live in New York and we have to be conscious of  maximizing our spaces. That being said, I find large mirrors to be the ultimate accent on living room walls! They make the space appear so much larger and go with a variety of furniture styles. Currently, I love the modern circle mirror making it’s way around the internet. As for something more dramatic get a large mirror and lean it against the wall! Voila. 

living room mirror against wall
living room mirror
living room modern furniture
living room mirror on wall
living room circle mirror
living room modern furniture

Graphic Wall paper

Graphic Wallpaper has been my latest obsession since finding @anewwalldecor  on Instagram. Personally, I love how inventive they are and find ways to spice up any boring room with gorgeous graphics. Wallpaper is also a bonus for those who don’t want to mess around with paint and amazingly a lot of wall paper is peel off which only adds to the ease!

living room wall paper
graphic wall paper
nature wall paper
living room wall paper
graphic wall paper
pink wall paper

Large Plants 

Plants Plants Plants!  They’re an epic time saver for those that can’t be bothered to hang prints. A well placed large plant can eat up precious wall real estate and add some natural vibes to any living room! Tall leafy plants are great for a corner as the show stopper placed next to a large frame. 

Large Wall Art for Living Room

Finally, let there be prints! Printed artwork deserves it’s own section. There are so many affordable options for every style of decorator! Here are a few styles to look into for your living room:

  • Modern
  • Botanical
  • Nature
  • Typography
  • Photography

Additional wall art ideas for living room


Next, Maps are the cutest choice for wall decor because they add an element of elegance to any room.  Choose a city that you’ve lived in or where you are from for fun! I love the vintage look!

Family Photos

Family photos as your living room wall decor is a wonderful way to tie in images of loved ones. Snap some great photos of your children or family members and hang them as diptych or triptych . 


Lastly, I find illustrations to be a great mellow addition to your walls. Look to add some hand drawn pieces to your collection. Balance the works with art or paintings that are bulkier and visually interesting!

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Written By: 

Vera Casagrande

Please note, some of these links are affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I may earn a small commission. This helps me support the blog and allows me to create more awesome free content! I only recommend products that I know and love.
Thank you for the support! 



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