5 Ways To Style A Sneaker

5 Ways To Style A Sneaker

Since 2017, the world has been enjoying the rebirth of the sneaker trend, and I have never been more on board for anything. Comfortable, cute, and easy to wear, they’re an instant outfit game changer. You can dress them up, wear them casually, or wear them to actually workout (shocking concept, I know), but however you decide to wear them, you’ll look instantly cool. 


basics for wearing them anywhere

Before you take your sneakers anywhere, here are some rules of thumb:

  • Sneakers are fantastic, but there’s no point changing your wardrobe to fit them. You might like those neon orange Nikes, but if they won’t match your clothes, don’t try and make them. Unless your style involves contrasting bright sneakers, that is, in which case you do you. 
  • Have more than one pair. This isn’t a necessity, but I think it’s a blast to have one pair of all-purpose sneakers (think your classic black athletic shoes or Converse) and one “accent” pair that adds a little color or pattern. 
  • Keep them clean. Sadly, no fashion house on earth has endorsed the grubby dad-sneakers look, so keep those sneakers clean. Replace ragged laces and give the soles a scrub down.


wearing sneakers to the office

Wearing sneakers to the office will only work if you have a less than formal dress code. So sneakers to a law office? Probably not gonna fly. But clean, dressy sneakers worn at a more casual office might. It’s all about taking the temperature of your workplace and getting the right pair. Dark colors and sneakers made with leather uppers look a little dressier without sacrificing the playful vibe.


dressing them up for an event

Slip-on sneakers mimic the effect of a mule or loafer, so you can actually get away with styling them more formally. Simple lines with a clean silhouette can dress them up, and a fine material like suede can compliment your outfit. Or, go with the classic sneakers under a ballgown for an under the radar sneaker look that will keep you dancing all night long. (Light up shoes on the dance floor, anyone?) 


wearing sneakers on a date 

Nothing is cooler than being yourself, so don’t shy away from a pair of beat up chucks and jeans for a first date. Show a little ankle with a low-rise style, and express your actual personality with your shoe of choice. After all, your date should know what they’re getting into, right? Bust out the fun patterns or keep it classic; whatever feels like you!


playing it cool with athleisure 

The “athleisure look” was LuluLemon’s gift to humankind, turning workout gear into a trendy outfit. Personally, I have never been more grateful for the excuse to throw on a pair of yoga pants and crisp tennis shoes and roll out the door looking like I planned it. Bust out your best yoga pants, a tank top, and a bomber jacket, then shove your feet into some Nikes and call it a perfect Instagram post. 

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