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Ski trip outfit idea

What to wear while Skiing

As a first time skier, my boyfriend Andy did the bulk of sifting through ski outfit ideas to find the perfect layers I needed to be warm in the mountains of Mont Tremblant. He has been a lifelong skier, worked at ski resorts and taught instructions. I personally had no clue what I was getting myself into so I’m happy I took his advice because if you do intend to hit the slopes the worst thing you want to be is wet or cold. Wet and cold = not fun.

I wasn’t yet entirely committed to ski life and didn’t want to overspend on clothes in case I hated it. In the end, I loved skiing so I’m happy I went with super functional high-performance garments that I can use for years to come!


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1.) Hat with Thermal Layer

This warm Fleece lined beanie has an added layer that will keep the tips of your ears warm. I cannot stress this enough being wet and cold is not fun! Cover your ears with some stylish beanies below.


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Ski trip What to pack


2.) Goggles

If you encounter harsh weather up on the mountain you will be glad you had them.


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Mont Tremblant Travel First Time Ski

3.)Windproof Waterproof Top Layer

When looking for the perfect ski outfit to hit the slopes in you’ll need a top layer made of waterproof materials. This shell shouldn’t allow water or snow to penetrate so that you can have fun all day without getting soaked. I opted for a jacket with a duck down interior (as warm as goose down but costs much less), high neck and hood. Trust me all of those elements came in handy.


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Ski trip What to pack



4.) Ski Pants

Ski Pants are a must if you intend to go skiing. However, do not forget that you should have a layer underneath here. I suggest some heat tech leggings or other ultra-warm body-snug garment.


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Ski trip What to pack


5.)Skiing Base Layers for Women

I’lll add that you may sweat while you’re up on the mountain or during your lesson. With that in mind, cotton fabrics hold the sweat and don’t dry as well as synthetic fibers. This is a big problem if you’re halfway through the day. Cotton kills so stick to synthetic fibers or wool for your base layers.


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Ski trip outfit idea


7.) Waterproof Gloves


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Ski trip outfit idea


8.) Neck Gator

This isn’t necessary, however, it was ultra useful when skiing. The neck gaiter protects the neck, mouth and nose from cold.


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Mont Tremblant Travel First Time Ski


9.) Ski Socks / Waterproof Shoes

Waterproof leather shoes help keep feet dry in rain and puddles. There are a lot of options here. I love socks with Merino wool as it has naturally odor-resistant for all-day freshness.


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Ski trip outfit idea


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If you’re still looking for a North American Ski destination check out my article sharing about my first ski trip to Mont Tremblant.

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