4 Bedroom Essentials You Need For Maximum Comfort

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While Amazon is not necessarily known for its home decor, the company has more than enough of a selection for customers to shop for just about any style of room. And let me tell you, it’s growing daily.

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With these essentials, your bedroom will become the place you are always looking forward to returning to. Your bedroom should be a place where you can relax at the end of the day, but it should also be a place that makes you feel calm and comfortable.

It doesn’t get any more convenient than shopping online. For years, I’ve been buying products to decorate my apartment via Amazon. After doing some research, I’ve picked out what I think are the best bedroom items to help you make your space look its absolute best and provide maximum comfort.

Whether you’re looking for bedding, pillows, curtains, books or other home decor items go to Amazon, you can find just about anything at an unbeatable price!

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If you’re looking to make your bedroom look better, consider these essential items for an affordable and stylish bedroom makeover.

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Bedroom Essentials: How to Choose a Bed?

Your bed should be a haven of luxury. It is where you sleep, so it makes sense that your bed is the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom. The way you sleep affects how well you function throughout the day. And if you don’t get enough restful sleep, you won’t feel well, which can lead to health problems or problems with daily life.


Find a comfy mattress that fits your body type and sleep desires. It should be firm enough to support your body without being too hard or too soft. You should also consider quality materials such as waterproof mattress covers, down or memory foam mattresses. Or upgrade your current mattress with a [amazon link=”B01MRL0H2B” title=” mattress topper, like this one from Linen Spa – sold on Amazon.” /]

Memory foam mattresses or “bed in box” as they’re sometimes called, are taking the world by storm. No longer do you need to buy a mattress with a box spring, with companies like Casper, they arrive in a box (very fun to open) and expand into a fluffy memory foam mattress with opened.

Every night, I look forward to crawling into my big new bed. I have a Casper (King) sized mattress and Casper Pillows which pair beautifully.

Mattress choosing shouldn’t be taken lightly, you will be sleeping on it every night!

I tested a number of Casper Mattresses out at their store on Lincoln Road, Miami Beach. I learned a lot about what type of sleeper I am and what mattress was be suited for by boyfriend and I.



Bed Sheets:

A good set of bed sheets is a must because they add a lot of style, comfort and aesthetic value to your bedroom. They also keep your mattress clean from spills, dirt and other unwanted particles that might end up on it when you change your sheets. The type of bed sheets that are best for your bedroom depends on the look you want in your bedroom. You can go with a comfy cotton or flannel sheet or you can go with a more luxurious satin sheet.

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Mattress Protector:

The mattress pad is a must in any bedroom because it protects the surface underneath from stains, spills, dust mites and other contaminants. It also gives the mattress a sleek appearance when it’s placed over it instead of touching or dragging across it which causes friction that can lead to skin irritation and damage over time.


Pillows have been around for hundreds of years helping people sleep better at night while adding color to bedrooms making them look more attractive and stylish! If you don’t have a pillow lying around your house then you should check out our article on how to choose decorative pillows for your room!

I deep dive on the best memory foam pillow for neck support in this blog post.

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Decorating Tips For Your Bedroom

Wall Art

While there’s no shortage of wall art, the most popular items are mostly functional. Anything that is not solely decorative can be used in your home or office, so there are plenty of window treatments, rugs and even furniture. There are also more unique pieces like a cozy blanket and more than enough throw pillows to get you started on your next bedding project.

Make a statement with some framed art prints or create a gallery wall. These large format prints have beautiful color combinations that all complement one another. The perfect decoration for any bedroom starts on Amazon.

Add Style to Bedroom With Accessories

The first thing to look for is the quality of the items you really want. You can’t go wrong with a classic item like a throw blanket or quilt. If you’re not sure, buy something transitional and see how it looks in your home. I personally love throw pillows and rugs. They instantly give your room a finished look and they’re very reasonably priced!

Decorative pillows

A great way to add personality and color to your bedroom is by getting decorative pillows to spruce up the space. Pillows come in all shapes and sizes so it’s easy to find one that matches the décor of your room and complements the rest of the furniture in it. You can even choose patterns to coordinate with the rest of the furniture in the room – no two rooms should be identical! Choose decorative pillows that can also double as extra seating, such as ottomans, decorative throws, chandelier-style pillows, or stuffed animals (this recommendation is especially good if you like sleeping with animals like dogs or cats). I go deep into this topic on my Amazon living room home decor post.

You don’t have to go crazy with the pillows in the room; just choose a couple that bring out your style. For example, if you like bold colors, go with bold pillow color choices. If you like neutrals, use neutral colored pillows.


Soften the floor with a rug! No longer do rugs need to cost a small fortune. There are some super cute options that are large, fluffy and won’t cost you over $500.


Window Treatments:

Curtain call for your window.

Learn How To Use Extra Storage Space In Your Bedroom

Gain storage space without spending too much.

Here are my top selects from Amazon tidying up your bedroom!

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Decorating With Lighting in mind

The next thing to look for is good lighting. It’s easy to forget about lamps in your room because they’re not as noticeable as furniture options like beds and headboards, but lighting can really help set a mood in a room and bring out the character of a piece of furniture or a decorative accent piece that you’ve chosen to add to the room’s look!

If your room doesn’t get as much as you’d like, consider trying out blackout curtains. They can help block out some of the light so you still feel the warmth of the sun on your face but don’t have to worry about bright lights ruining sleep!

All of these items are great solutions for your bedroom or any room of the house! Amazon has a ridiculous amount of stuff. And their prices for household items are unbeatable.

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