How to Style a White Denim Dress

Every item was hand-picked for this post and this blog may earn commission on

some of the items you choose to buy, at no additional cost to you. 

Every item was hand-picked for this post and this blog may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy, at no additional cost to you. 

white denim dress
Discover the art of elevating your closet with a white denim dress! Explore trendy looks with this fashion staple.

How to Style a White Denim Dress

white denim dress

White Denim Dresses for Women

Seeking a super cute, versatile piece for Spring, Summer, indoors and outdoors (someday!)? Then I think I’ve found the piece. Whether you’re taking professional Zoom calls or planning that late summer getaway, denim has never looked so inviting. I never thought a denim dress would fit so perfectly into my adult wardrobe (I’m a child of the 90’s after all). However, it’s the right mix for vacations and professional life. Did I mention denim doesn’t really wrinkle? What a blessing because I love an all-day-just-throw-it-on-and-look-chic type of style. Effortless.

How to wear a shirt dress

White denim dresses have long been on my radar, but it’s taken ages to find the right fit. This white denim midi dress is my new closet staple. The tie around the waist perfectly sinches everything in.  Shop below for some of my favorite denim finds!


Button down dresses are so easy to style and look chic. 

White denim is a chic style that’s easy to throw on and stays wrinkle free.


Shop Denim Dresses for Work + Play

Vera Casagrande sports a white clutch by etienne aigner.
One of my go to clutches by Etienne Aigner.


What do I wear to a Summer Party?

Pair down your white denim shirt dress with accessories like straw handbags or nautical earrings for a casual touch. You know I love a woven summer handbag. 


What do you wear with a denim shirt dress?

Casual Outfit Ideas for Women for Summer.


Shop any of these items


What shoes go with denim shirt dress?

In this look, I have pair a monochromatic pair of white mules. It depends on the occasion, however, I think you could dress up a denim shirt dress with:
  • Wedge Sandals
  • Sling Back Heels

Or, if you’re trying to play more casual I think it’s totally acceptable to wear your favorite:

  • White Tennis Sneaker
  • Loafer
  • Ballet Flat
  • Slides
  • Mules
  • Elegant Sandal


Vera Casagrande sits in the lobby of the H10 Marina Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain.

Bohemian earrings complete this very summery look. 

Nautical earrings complete this very summery look.


Vera Casagrande models a white denim dress in a hotel in Barcelona, Spain. 

How gorgeous is the lobby of the H10 Marina Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain.

Speaking of Summer, whenever we come out of this self-isolation or if you have a backyard for tanning. You won’t want to miss some of my favorite Amazon Bikinis. I reviewed some of the top (and least expensive) cute bikinis! Best of luck on your white denim dress search. I hope you find the best look. <3

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